Wag Chins, Flap Gums

For Closure

For Closure

Well, they all do make really valid points
Though their topic of discussion is unclear
If we all sit down and smoke several joints
We will then believe we’ve nothing to fear

How do we deal with overdose information
Religion, drugs, sex, TV, or move a mouse
Whatever, we succumb, labor or recreation
King, queen of our castle, inside our house

The pipes are leaking, and now a black out
Tires bald, mileage three times rolled over
You would throw up your hands and shout
No food, nor energy, just too much bother

Who’s the target of your anger; you can tell
The neighbor whose windows all have glass
If only one of your autos would finally sell
No takers, the world’s long since out of gas

People in walled compounds don’t need you
Roads broken, could not walk there in a year
Anyway, you might just be meat in their stew
Believe me, they would not even shed a tear

I’d scream, wake up, but you’re not dreaming
Despair, this is not simply a scary nightmare
Despite all your ambition and your scheming
It’s doubtful you’ll ever be anywhere but here

Still, they all do make some really valid points
About ships, sealing wax, cabbages and kings
While we hide or hang out in our usual haunts
Wag chins and flap gums, talk of many things

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