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Blue Screen Cafes

Blue Screen Cafes ~~~~~ What do expect, from texts, Just the usual suspects? How would that be, With life the fee? Head down, Smile or frown, Attention, intention locked In a little box, a pox. Yet only letters in a row, Like any word we don’t know. Shorthand, perhaps, But often slaps. Is there reason […]

Who Calls the Tune?

Who Calls the Tune? ~~~~~ Despite how brilliant, how noble I think my thoughts, Guarding how gracious, grand, I envision my dreams. Futility wraps them in a cerement, as small minds plot, Hate, fear, want, murder shape all their selfish schemes. I believe I can change the world, if just my little corner; I strive to […]

Ever Live in Fear

Ever Live in Fear ~~~~~ How will we decide what to do, what to think, what we’ll think, In a world of conflicting opinions, way too much information? While we caper and cavort blindfolded, oh, so close to the brink, Believing we’re so ordinary, nothing extraordinary can be done. When actions are performed beyond the […]

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum ~~~~~ I was sitting in a downtown cafe, looking for the words I wanted, listening to other people’s lives, fits and starts, dribs and drabs. O, what stories I could imagine. O, what stories could I imagine? of these people and their lives; the difference a single change, an opening, taken or missed, […]

The Giftie Gie Us

The Giftie Gie Us ~~~~~ How then cannot we see our own true selves? The poet’s answer realized in our social media. Where we play half-fools, do naught by halves, constantly connected, from Twitter to Expedia. Do we ever look in this mirror that we created? Join we the grand communion, or voyeurs only? We […]

Beneath the Grass

Beneath the Grass ~~~~~ What would it feel like, any fun, to live to be one hundred? My imagination says it would be less fun and more dread. With luck, still shuffling about, able to pee upon my shoes. not rolled around as deadwood, by someone I don’t choose. Perhaps I will be non-compos mentis […]

Turning a Blind Eye

Turning a Blind Eye ~~~~~ I think that car is flirting with me, it honks its horn, blinks its lights, no people anywhere that can see, Will I get a ride to see the sights? I walk closer, make it sure it saw. It’s mad, horn honks, lights blink. I run, afraid, it will bring […]