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IMMODEST PROPOSAL   ~~~~~ I have vowed to mark this tragic date by offering my Immodest Proposal until we come to our senses regarding gun violence. Unfortunately, I may have to post this the rest of my life.   An IMMODEST PROPOSAL   For Preventing the Poor Children of the People of the United States of America From Being […]

No Worry

No Worry ~~~~~ No one wants to hear about pain. Theirs, yours, or truly, anyone’s. Still, many want to share theirs, As long as they don’t hear yours. These days, I see, all are in pain. Physical, mental, psychic, unseen. Even the rich, though they hide it, Mask it with comfort, sated peers. Inside, they […]

Another Life

Another Life ~~~~~ Another new pen to pierce my veins To draw forth my creative self Letting my life-blood flow upon the page Pool, so I may dip my brush, paint Display myself upon life’s canvas The boards where I act a scene or two Where I bow and exit to the wings Mayhap to […]

Simple Complexity ~ Complex Simplicity

Simple Complexity ~ Complex Simplicity ~~~~~ Why then must poetry’s meaning be couched, Like the imagined sea-sound heard in a shell? May fleeting beauty, convoluted truth be vouched, Said simply and offered crystal-clear from a well? Will it help if I use night to presage age or death, Flying birds or sunsets standing in for […]

Now and Then

Now and Then ~~~~~ Now I come to my last page Where I can scribble, dribble Out my thoughts and such. Probably lost in the future. Surely lost in the final days when Sol goes nova. Boom. It doesn’t matter what I say, Except how others’ll see me. I suppose it also shows how I […]

Our Merry Way

Our Merry Way ~~~~~ I am sitting in this lobby And waiting for the play. Feel a bit crack-knobby. What a silly thing to say. Is silly a thing we need? Tells us laugh and play. Silly is the thing to heed All along our merry way. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity […]

Telling Tales

Telling Tales ~~~~~ The wizened sage entered, sat upon the ground, those whose history he recalled gathered around. An elder solemnly lighted the sacred torch afire. The sage told their tale; that all might still expire. An old women took his place, sang a simple song told life’s love, loss, joy, sorrow, hope to prolong. […]