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Can I?

When I was young, I was wise; It’s all leaked out of my head. School poked the hole, I surmise. Can I put it back in, ere I’m dead? ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ See more of my creative offerings and opinions Brent Harris Fine Art […]

I Wonder?

What would I do with me, without you? Do any of us know what would be true? More than I was, less than I have been, A piece of me missing, no nib in my pen. Scratching at life but leaving no mark, Like rubbing two sticks, without spark. Words are too weak, should I […]

Nothing Real

Today is like most other days Chores, a drive, then waiting, Waiting for this or that among Strangers and semi-strangers And then you find you have Misplaced a day, a date and Wonder how you missed it, Though it saw you. What if It were the most important Day you have ever lived or will? […]

Be a Child

Oh, to be a child again, Not knowing very much. Using magic, no word or pen; Most adults can no longer touch Poets, dreamers, no citation, The mad and sacred artists know; Close their eyes and touch creation. Childlike, they are able to alter the flow.

Begin Again

I have seen the future and I have even lived within it. Difficult, you understand, It’s now when you begin it.

Already Been Said

Find your life, daily, picking on you, With little pinches in dribs and drabs? You are, no doubt, worrying at it, too, In the way we pick at, pull off scabs. It is not the death of a thousand cuts. Still, life’s petty problems wear us out. I tell you this with no ifs, ands […]

The Century Mark

Some may think this post does not mean very much More than four years since I started this blog on a lark Where I’ve written satire, essays, some poetry and such I gained 100 followers, none bought, the century mark   Thank You one and all