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News and Views

      Deep in the Tall Grass ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ I believe I must curtail or end my news, Travesty, tragedy, comic-opera politics. Daily flogged by pundits with my views, No sense, sanity no puzzle piece clicks. ~~~~~ See more of my creative offerings and opinions at: Brent Harris Fine Art Philip Brent Digital […]

Sarabande for Missing Magic

~~~~~ Missing magic, miracles, All vanished, Nowhere to be found. From vast spaces, Gone. Into unseen Miniscule interstices Between atoms, Disappeared. Despite clues, Maps and legends, Whispered rumors; Whereabouts remained Unknown. Quests were mounted. Heroes came forth. Solo adventurers, Fellowships, too, Robber’s trusts; All trekked far, Endured miles Uncounted. Mighty mountains Scaled, Storm-wracked seas Sailed, […]

Simple Man

~~~~~ I am a simple man. Because I believe the human race can change, I am a dreamer. Because I believe everyone should understand, I am naïve. Because I believe if enough people say no, it will matter, I am a fool. Because I say this to other people, I am a simpleton. Because I […]

Carpe Hora

~~~~~ They know they are outnumbered ninety-nine to one We, the larger number, say that nothing can be done Is it something in the water, or maybe it’s in our food Whatever it proves to be, it must be something good Good, for them, at least, but not for all the rest of us And, […]

Do Not Worry

~~~~~ Do not worry. We will get it back again. But so will they. Be cool, walk, run, stand, sit; it always works out that way. What’s scarce always waxes. what’s glutted always wanes. That’s sure as death and taxes and I admit that this explains How we find our life now and perhaps many […]

At Our Best

~~~~~ If I were to choose to write a song, Should I be able to find the notes? I’ve not been musical my life long, Whatever that knowledge connotes. I was never arty; now I’m a painter Who knows what life holds in time. Time doesn’t stop, no restraint here, Thus, over time, I learned […]

Wait and See

Although the past is dead, gone, It informs what we will become. Don’t check, not on your phone. Know this, or life a negative sum. No matter, if present, future, past, If long ago or coming inexorably, We cannot imagine, coming fast, Changes to astound, wait and see.