Category Humanity’s Insanity

Anthem in Black and Blue

~~~~~ Watching the blue of heaven fall, neon hue slipping down the wall. Canvas flags flutter, angel wings reflecting the glory of the sound. You wonder about divine choirs Unsure of what they might sing? As names and voices are shared. This magic of a sacred moment, renders our songs celestial fair, with power that […]

On the Home Front

~~~~~ We brand ourselves, the land of the brave, home of the free So proud, as we ignore our own ignorance, hatred and, bigotry Decrying machine-gun maniacs, who murder on a bloody spree While we’re Earth’s premiere purveyor of advanced weaponry Righteous people who never sing the song of them, only of me It should […]

Too Little, Too Late

~~~~~ Since up is down, down is up Although neither is the other Stand upon your head to sup Don’t know why you’d bother Life finds me dizzy some days Even when I don’t spin about Punched right between my eyes I feel so full of angst and doubt I think the world is turned […]

Time and Age

~~~~~ We pretend we have conquered mountains, that we’re stronger than a cold north wind. We tell ourselves the land and sea are ours, Yet nature says we’re wrong over and over. We sneer that we were primitive, in caves. Yet, they lasted far longer than we, so far. Nor did they trash the world, […]


~~~~~ It is not that no one speaks the truth, Simply, that power refuses to listen. We are not in any way hail or soothe, We need to change, quit our bitchin’  ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what […]

It Is Time

~~~~~ It is a time of great hope. It is a time of great fear. It is a time of lies It is a time of truth. How do we gentle harsh lies, hatespeak? For we must not think to conquer it. When evil seeks to frighten and divide, agitating those who feel marginal, forgotten, […]

Three X Six X How

~~~~~ Surrounded by silence Within the cacophony we create, How can we hear the bee is absent? Overwhelmed by visual images, Created to distract us, drive us mad, How can we see there are no birds on the wing? Paved in hot tar, smothered by concrete, Lost in dark, city mazes, our own creation, How […]