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  ~~~~~ Variations on a theme by William Blake Cheetah! Cheetah! spurning flight Will you vanish in the night? What mortal weapon hand or spree Would end thy fearful symmetry? Not so distant wait the flies To watch the fire leave your eyes. On what fell wings do they descend Your flesh and sinew then […]

The Hunt

~~~~~ Steps follow through the darkness. Factory clamor obscures the sound. When the machines simultaneously Stop, before galloping on, you hear Heavy steps, not your slight tread, a Moment late, unready for the scant Second, when the machines halt as if An indrawn breath of anticipation. No, it’s again time for the rhythmic Dancing music […]

A Solitary Blue Heron Stands

~~~~~ A work in progress by Philias the Lesser How lush the valley grows in Spring With green refulgent at every hand. Where flowers bloom and fruit ripens, While the bees and birds commune. The farms stand empty and forlorn. All the men and women walk the lane. They look both hungry and insane. What […]

What’s Always Been True

~~~~~ Hear the bells ringing, oh so far away. Yet the sound grows louder as they’re Echoing carillons nearer to our home.. Do they sing of joy or sing of danger, Wedded bliss foretold death’s sorrow? For all these moments we ring bells. Often, heedless what their story tells. We are gnarled into the noises […]

May 24th, 2022

~~~~~ Another date that lives in infamy Because it marks the base murder Of 19 grade-school children and Of two teachers and one husband. I tried to think of a gentler name For murder. Ended is euphemism. But it is not inaccurate, only weak. An 18-year-old boy shattered life, broke hearts and crushed all hope […]

They Failed to Act

~~~~~ They spend their money to conceal their shame.Not in the dirt, but beneath piles of filthy lucre.They pretend to think and pray, as they prey onThe souls of youth, offering no hope or succor.They’ll frown, rapidly don their mask to glower.Wring their hands, and deposit our grief in theReliquary of their callous, stony-hearted deceit. […]

U.S. of A. Gun Violence Lament

~~~~~ As we lay on the ground bleeding, we thought of all we were needing. When we knew what must be said, it was much too late; we were dead. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~    

Eons Upon Eons

~~~~~ A train whistle sounds in the distance, shifts and moans, jams with the night. The critters are there, hiding, stalking. Nest of coyote pups yips, demanding now their mother’s home; me first me. We might find the process disgusting, gross, though sometimes, we’re fools, without wit, wisdom of a court jester, or a town […]

Turn SCOTUS Roe v Wade Into Voting

~~~~~ Roe, Roe, Roe your vote, you know just what I mean. Verily, verily, verily, verily, strife is just their scheme Wade in the water. Wade in the water, Wade in the water, we’ll win Good trouble turns out voter. Turn, turn, turn out and vote. There is a reason, learn, learn, learn. Know a […]

Songs of War ~ Songs of Peace

~~~~~This is an older piece, but it never seems to go out of date. And will the savage songs of war never end,Replaced by simple, sweet songs of peace?How can we, forever, our loved ones send,Knowing they will feed the slavering beast? Do we wonder why we never grow sane,When the best, the brightest are […]