Category Humanity’s Insanity

Hope and Bounty

~~~~~ Saw a movie about people Who acted bravely in the face Of hatred and bigotry. They could not understand. But what is there to know About bigotry and hatred? It stays the same year to year When I give my answer, Some of you will sneer Repeat pundits who’re bloviated I say hatred, bigotry […]

Always Climbing

~~~~~ However long I have to wait until I know, What question is the one to ask, never mind. The answer will lead to another question, so I will keep searching to see what I will find, Since, when I have found IT, it will change. That’s just the way life works, at most times; […]

What is There to Lose?

~~~~~ Soldier straight, Their brother stands, Their sister stands. While they reach out Their untouched hands. We step beneath Their outstretched arms, Unable to imagine all Myriad and costly harms. Cost of life, of hope, in pain Dwarfing any envisioned gain Humankind is anything but kind. We need but look to find Animal, vegetable and […]

Nothing Real

Today is like most other days Chores, a drive, then waiting, Waiting for this or that among Strangers and semi-strangers And then you find you have Misplaced a day, a date and Wonder how you missed it, Though it saw you. What if It were the most important Day you have ever lived or will? […]

Despite What You Think

Why are we taught to ever misunderstand our highest potential’s in hope and in love? Our drive to compete comes from long ago, yet, this is what we all nurture, topping all. I fail to comprehend, though I like to win Is that merely what I learned growing up? Can I find a way to […]

Advice for All

Oh, how changes will throw us off our stride; a different host, a barking man without control. Tries his best to muffle his affliction, can’t hide, it’s simply who he is; he fights to reach his goal. Way our country’s going, may not be far away. People scoff as we’re conned into neo-fascism. Say it […]

Near but Far From Home

Out for a day near but far from home, where do you think this child might roam? Hither, thither and even yon, what might I chance upon? A mighty tree, with children at play, becomes a tower, though it changes by the hour. A hidden trail beneath a massive thicket Leads to their secret hideout. […]