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So Little Has Changed

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ I’ve been busy organizing my writing, but every time I turn on the news, there’s been another mass shooting. More than all the days of the year we’ve had so far, by far. This is an old piece, but why write anything new. What are the numbers, does […]

Vox Clamantis in Deserto

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ This verse has been modified from one I wrote, Full Stop, in August of 2014. What will it take for our madness to stop? If it ever does. More senseless killings, now Tennessee, another school is violated. Three adults and three children, stricter gun laws are indicated. Not […]

Reaching Home

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ This is how it always is, though no way close to what you or I think, have decided it must be. Yet, what you believe may become your vision. Perhaps, for a time, you will convince me it’s mine. I would not persuade you to follow what I […]

A Different Day

~~~~~ In this instant generation is it ever just now? If each moment an anticipated future, how? Recording all our lives for future delectation Can existence contain any new expectation? Will it ever be right now, this moment, day? Can we live now while deciding what to say? It is said, our history is written […]

Last Note ~ Toddler’s Song

~~~~~ Girl, 3, shoots, kills sister, 4, in NW Harris County, Houston TX–3/12/2023 One more bullet shot from one more gun. You are sure this must be all; the last one. Yet, once more death and once more pain. We watch it splatter another stupid stain. One more child becomes unable to reply. Is there […]

Scream Piercingly

~~~~~ Can we ever comprehend tragedy Our own or another’s, man-made force majeure; called acts of God. Cry softly as you sing a lullaby to a child who’s unaware. Too small to understand. Big enough to feel pain; theirs and yours combined. Wail at all we have lost, wasted. As though people have no value. […]

They Want Us to Believe

~~~~~ Step into your sacred sanctuary. Do you wonder where that lies? Our flickering blue god freed. Worshiped at home, not solely. Crouched in our living room to swear at us, show our children dirty pictures, to demand faith. Now, it is glued to our hand, a missel where we seek wisdom. A simple prayer […]

The Biggest House

~~~~~ I stroll along beside a languid stream as it moves gently along. I see rapids ahead. It grows in power and volume, carries me along as each rill, tributary feeds and speeds the growing river. Bringing the animals who thrive there, despite or because of it, together. No matter our view, both predator and […]


  ~~~~~ Variations on a theme by William Blake Cheetah! Cheetah! spurning flight Will you vanish in the night? What mortal weapon hand or spree Would end thy fearful symmetry? Not so distant wait the flies To watch the fire leave your eyes. On what fell wings do they descend Your flesh and sinew then […]

The Hunt

~~~~~ Steps follow through the darkness. Factory clamor obscures the sound. When the machines simultaneously Stop, before galloping on, you hear Heavy steps, not your slight tread, a Moment late, unready for the scant Second, when the machines halt as if An indrawn breath of anticipation. No, it’s again time for the rhythmic Dancing music […]