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U.S. of A. Gun Violence Lament

~~~~~ As we lay on the ground bleeding, we thought of all we were needing. When we knew what must be said, it was much too late; we were dead. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~    

Eons Upon Eons

~~~~~ A train whistle sounds in the distance, shifts and moans, jams with the night. The critters are there, hiding, stalking. Nest of coyote pups yips, demanding now their mother’s home; me first me. We might find the process disgusting, gross, though sometimes, we’re fools, without wit, wisdom of a court jester, or a town […]

Turn SCOTUS Roe v Wade Into Voting

~~~~~ Roe, Roe, Roe your vote, you know just what I mean. Verily, verily, verily, verily, strife is just their scheme Wade in the water. Wade in the water, Wade in the water, we’ll win Good trouble turns out voter. Turn, turn, turn out and vote. There is a reason, learn, learn, learn. Know a […]

Songs of War ~ Songs of Peace

~~~~~This is an older piece, but it never seems to go out of date. And will the savage songs of war never end,Replaced by simple, sweet songs of peace?How can we, forever, our loved ones send,Knowing they will feed the slavering beast? Do we wonder why we never grow sane,When the best, the brightest are […]

Current Reality

~~~~~ Are you haunted by the future Though we don’t know what’s to come? Does your head play the “Twilight Zone” theme? Perhaps it’s the eerie theremin of “Forbidden Planet” or surrendering control to “One Step Beyond”. No matter what you imagine, it’s not more frightening than our current reality ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World […]

A teabag paper for Boneyard Brand Mortali-Tea

War on One is a War on All

~~~~~ We must learn that a war on one is a war on all. Not only nations, states, cities, communities, groups, ethnicities, orientations, political, sexual, and religious, but also on each individual, everywhere. Thus, if anyone harms another through venal, rapacious neglect or verifiable intention, they have harmed all. each and every animate and inanimate […]

All Day Long

~~~~~ I should be watching the primaries, and keeping track of all their races. but it has all become a terrible blur of many different names and faces. Online and daily news, all day long, inundated with figures and places. Makes me want to scurry and hide. Don’t think I’ll find enough paces. Some posit […]

A teabag paper for Boneyard Brand Mortali-Tea

Cannot Replace

What do call 73 million dollars taken from a from manufacturers bank account? A good start. ~~~~~ 73 million dollars sure sounds like a lot. It’s not. Not when it is weighed against the loss of a child. ”Hey, that’s big bucks,” you say. “I’d give it a shot.” Parents’d give all to see when […]

Begin, Become, Begone

~~~~~ Speaking now of old friends or of lovers from long ago. Where the closest may be lost or somehow replaced by others along the way. Yet, life continues along, with us or without us. Do you believe, perchance, when you are finally gone the universe vanishes. This, despite evidence to the contrary, science, perhaps, […]


AN IMMODEST PROPOSAL                                                                                              For Preventing the Poor Children of the People of the United States of America From Being the Innocent Victims of Lunatics, Madmen, and Terrorists, both Foreign and Domestic, and For Protecting All Citizens of This Great Nation of Ours It is a melancholy object lesson to those who walk the highways […]