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No Worry

No Worry ~~~~~ No one wants to hear about pain. Theirs, yours, or truly, anyone’s. Still, many want to share theirs, As long as they don’t hear yours. These days, I see, all are in pain. Physical, mental, psychic, unseen. Even the rich, though they hide it, Mask it with comfort, sated peers. Inside, they […]

Another Life

Another Life ~~~~~ Another new pen to pierce my veins To draw forth my creative self Letting my life-blood flow upon the page Pool, so I may dip my brush, paint Display myself upon life’s canvas The boards where I act a scene or two Where I bow and exit to the wings Mayhap to […]

Simple Complexity ~ Complex Simplicity

Simple Complexity ~ Complex Simplicity ~~~~~ Why then must poetry’s meaning be couched, Like the imagined sea-sound heard in a shell? May fleeting beauty, convoluted truth be vouched, Said simply and offered crystal-clear from a well? Will it help if I use night to presage age or death, Flying birds or sunsets standing in for […]

Now and Then

Now and Then ~~~~~ Now I come to my last page Where I can scribble, dribble Out my thoughts and such. Probably lost in the future. Surely lost in the final days when Sol goes nova. Boom. It doesn’t matter what I say, Except how others’ll see me. I suppose it also shows how I […]

Our Merry Way

Our Merry Way ~~~~~ I am sitting in this lobby And waiting for the play. Feel a bit crack-knobby. What a silly thing to say. Is silly a thing we need? Tells us laugh and play. Silly is the thing to heed All along our merry way. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity […]

Telling Tales

Telling Tales ~~~~~ The wizened sage entered, sat upon the ground, those whose history he recalled gathered around. An elder solemnly lighted the sacred torch afire. The sage told their tale; that all might still expire. An old women took his place, sang a simple song told life’s love, loss, joy, sorrow, hope to prolong. […]

Desist and Cease

Desist and Cease ~~~~~ Have you seen that picture of the barr where his lips are all askew? Is this pose meant to confuse you? One side is pushed up quite far. the other drooping down deep, It’s a smile and frown; what the bleep? He has his big, pudgy thumb pressed into his chubby […]