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Drag Us Under

On the Lookout ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Hear the echo of the river’s voice reflected within the heron’s vision. Listen to the muttering gossip and discord of ducks, gripes of geese. Strain the strain, squeaky serenade of smaller lives under the grasses. All these and more circumnavigate the globe in an amalgam of breath; […]

Best of All

~~~~~ Could I write words all inclusive, a verse, an essay, short story, novel? Or all our words, if used correctly? Would smiles, silence be best of all? ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~ See more of my […]

See the Bunnies

~~~~~ Am I listening to the nightingale, the quail, the cuckoo or the lark? Might I hear the chattering brook full of little and much to convey? Do I see the bunnies and the deer, the puma, bobcat or coyote; if only. Recognize the knowledge their lives as predators are as essential as the prey. […]

Mine Alone

~~~~~ Where do we find the magic?Do we discover it alone,together or to each their own?Is there any magic left?Is it gone, simply sick ordying; lack of miraclesso apparent everyone must see?Happily Insane is notthe same as Insanely Happy.Still, I’ll take what I can get. Is my own magic withinreach, my moments of creation?Random thoughts […]

We Must Never Let Them

Duplicity Times Two ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Too cowardly to accept reality. Except, reality’s truth stays real even when it’s forced into hiding by men, boys, bragging bullies. Acceptance is born into babies. All children must be taught hate. Terrified thugs snarl, jack-booted, burdened with the weapons of war, have crawled from beneath rocks, […]

Chance I Will Be Wrong

~~~~~ Words cascade down the page. Cataracts I must navigate as I learn what and where the many perils lurk beneath the surface of my wandering, weary mind. Sounds insane, but such is the stream which carries me along. Sometimes, I float gently, lulled by a false sense of safety again. Stolen from me in […]

Live the Loss of the Loss I Live

~~~~~ I have yet to find the metaphor to express what waits within. Yet, it is precisely in my ignorance I may find my stance. Yet, it is precisely in my awareness of my ignorance there is a chance. Every day to live the loss of my world. Only by living the loss of my […]

No Need to Explain

~~~~~ When what you envision doesn’t come to fruition, you struggle and strain. Stop, silence your brain. Let it flow through you till you find a new view traveling a higher plane. Truly, no need to explain. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is […]

Each Morning I Say Hello

~~~~~ Each morning I say hello to the King Raven, who lands on my fence as I spread birdseed on the ground and put fresh water in the birdbath. I hope one morning I will I will hear him reply, “Hello.” Perhaps, he will say he’s not the King but the Queen and that’s why […]

Never to Return

Life on the Edge ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Steps climb slowly, silently up the stairs. Wondering who might still be sleeping. It is but the wee shank of the morning, Which has itself not quite come awake. It is a time when predators start home To see to their own, as their prey curls […]