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Embark and Return

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ The world went on forever, though I could see the end. The edges of sky married to black night and bright stars. Our fears real and imagined hold sway. The imagined as painful or much more than the real. Where dreams are born and dreams go to die. […]

The Fix is Out

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ I get few likes on WordPress. What can I be doing wrong? I would not end up depressed, I want to think that I belong. I think I’m smart and clever, yet, no one seems to notice. I must discover the right lever to fix my operandi modus. […]

A teabag paper for Boneyard Brand Mortali-Tea

So Little Has Changed

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ I’ve been busy organizing my writing, but every time I turn on the news, there’s been another mass shooting. More than all the days of the year we’ve had so far, by far. This is an old piece, but why write anything new. What are the numbers, does […]

At Last

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ There is infinite time in space. There is infinite space in time. Whatever you think you feel, may not, in any way, be real. What does it matter if nothing has sense, if this is pretense? Change the present, not past. Can we begin to change at last? […]

Thoughts on Slayers

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ It’s never just frightened innocents who die, from weapons sold to those who mistrust by strangers, in boardrooms, sick and sly, who these deaths profit, so die they must. They ignore truth, as parents’ tears glisten. Our blood oils gears of the NRA machine. Death shoots, screams, too […]

The Crying of Hat 10 1/2

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ Events in life happen when they must; a meaningless assertion at its very best. Events in life do happen when they do, so, they must happen when they must. This tautological sophistry oft repeated is proclaimed to proclaim proclamation. Proving nothing can only prove nothing. There is nowhere […]

It’s Time

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ What do you know about the people? The people you meet walking the street. Are they happy or sad? Can you tell? Do they yell at their dog, who ignores them? Both know the dog is in charge, at least at times like these. Are they rushing? Late […]

Breathing Hard, But Happy

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ Words about words, notes over notes play together elucidating feeling. Yet, joy and sorrow find a common vessel, Oil and water. How can I convey my meaning? Layering words, sounds to startle, when life goes clomping through. My garden of unusual hybrids; the plants that are named, if […]

Seek the Sunlight

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~ Indian food after Ansel Adams photographs and a walk through the Arboretum. There to visit flowers and plants from many lands and opposite seasons. Is the ground there warm enough to convince these plants it is time to bloom? Could it be my own roots have begun to […]

Where You Need to Go

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth ~~~~~   Deep in the woods, rabbits run. Birds fly, Foxes chase, squirrels hide. Water falls off cliffs, runs over, through tumbled rocks and rotting trees, logs. Then quiet. Do you hear the hunter call? The melancholy lament of lost love. Love lost for no reason you can see. […]