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Can I?

When I was young, I was wise; It’s all leaked out of my head. School poked the hole, I surmise. Can I put it back in, ere I’m dead? ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ See more of my creative offerings and opinions Brent Harris Fine Art […]

Be a Child

Oh, to be a child again, Not knowing very much. Using magic, no word or pen; Most adults can no longer touch Poets, dreamers, no citation, The mad and sacred artists know; Close their eyes and touch creation. Childlike, they are able to alter the flow.

A Simple Smile

We get confused by other languages and the place we’re from, doesn’t understand. We smile,  frown in exactly the same way. Smile at someone now, improve your day. Not always, but often, they’ll smile back. If not, don’t be alarmed, go on the attack. Don’t know what their life is, was before, that simple smile […]

Looking at Lascaux

The old master painters were brilliant but restricted, despite their years of training, mastery and their skill Looking at Lascaux, could you have ever predicted We’d reach that vaunted height, never learn not to kill

Brings Quiet

Love Among the Ruins ~ Edward Burne-Jones A young artistic rebel brotherhood, long ago painted realistic, lush romantic scenes Vivid colors evocative, see the paint flow, detailed and precise, every line clean Yet, their paintings appear fanciful, while the impressionists portray the real. Both aesthetic meals leave us sated, full Interesting how art can make […]

Be Still

Listen to the music as you pass and wonder who sings your song ethereal and reaches inside you played on a piano; it makes you feel unmanned, apprehend skill and grace played by either hand. Be still, listen, becoming the notes, the moment When you connect with this,  everything beyond Whether you get it depends […]


I am sitting, waiting for a haircut; it is one of the myriad things we do. Any who don’t may be called a nut, but they are only different than you.