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Different Words

Different Words ~~~~~ At the end of yet another day miles and miles away from home. I wonder what’s true, that I have to say. Do I find new vistas, when I roam? Is it but a different view of life, like I stepped sideways, turned my head? My balance point, the edge of a […]

Only Happenstance

Only Happenstance ~~~~~ Can you or I hear the beating heart at the center of all existence? Here, there and everywhere, end to start. Measuring the length of time, Echoing the sound of our persistence. No longer can I call to find the time. You laugh; I must be old enough to bury. Despite our […]


Listen ~~~~~ I listen to hear the rhythm of the world, songs of all the galaxies, spirals unfurled. I listen to my heartbeat, a lone songbird, any sound we live with, yet rarely heard. Hearing, listening are not the same thing. One uses brain and ears, one focus pings. Listen to the world and perspective […]

Our Need to Fill

Our Need to Fill ~~~~~ All the things we know about the world, which make us feel superior. Lies, omissions shout- ed as truth, half-truth, we steal, or our own. How stupid we are. Decisions we make which lead to fortune and or disaster’s mar in inexorable, ponderous speed, fast; we should not blink. Still, […]

Game of Opposites

Game of Opposites ~~~~~ Something is lost and something gained, when we expand, learn and grow wiser We lose our exuberance but gain restraint, Race is long, too short to play the miser. Wisdom so often speaks in contradictions, brilliance most often found in age, youth. How this will turn out baffles predictions. In our […]

Enough, Just Enough

Enough, Just Enough ~~~~~ Time is money, money is time, yet I’d like to see you eat either one. Tokens we value, believe have worth, are extremely puzzling to me. They are symbolic, I know, they can give no shelter by themselves. We treat them as real, pursue them with zeal, cry if we miss […]

As I Fall Behind

As I Fall Behind ~~~~~ In the light of the sunset, I saw the eyes of truth. Though they saw the debt I had accrued in youth, They left me smiling, just the same. In the glory of the dawn, I heard the voice of all creation, saw the raptor and the fawn. I lived […]