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They Have Survived

People Over Politics, Country Over Capitulation, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Lotus grows from dirty, muddy water, So beauty arises from something unclean. It self-propagates along the eight-fold path. But what does it mean for the world today? It’s lovely and may mean many things we need. Love and longing within the seed, is the son, […]

Yet, Here We Are

People Over Politics, Country Over Capitulation, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Over 300,000 years of homo sapiens, us, Stumbling around, till we got everywhere. Yet, only 5,000 years of the written word, So I can struggle to try to speak with you. At first we wrote on stone, clay, tree bark, Everything we could find or […]

Put Your Brains Where We Can See Them

Put your brains where we can see them
Before our discussion can finally begin.

Stepping Stones ~

Recent Painting

My Head Might Explode

People Over Politics, Country Over Capitulation, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ What convoluted scenes we nightly create, Within our dreams our world  contemplate. When we can learn how, cogitate this fluidly, We should then, finally, comprehend reality. Yet our mind clearly contains what we need. It has done its utmost to propagate this seed. We, dullards, […]

The Face You Choose

~~~~~ I’m thinking of the man with a thousand faces. Seeing a woman with the thousand-year smile. They are gone now without any clues or traces. They are lost forever; that is more than a while. Something or someone shows up and replaces. They’ll control the future, don’t touch the dial. You’re the choir, sopranos, […]

Human! Human!

~~~~~ Human! Human! spurning right Will you vanish in the night? When mortal weapon, hand or spree Shall end thee for eternity. Not so distant wait the flies To watch the fire leave your eyes. On what fell wings do they descend Your flesh and sinew then to rend? And you molder and depart As […]


~~~~~ All poems are poems for children, Whatever we think they’re about. Children all are born to be poets, Dream alive a mother’s heartbeat. Until they’re lost to ones, naughts. Percussive, staccato rhythms that Write verse about shoulds, oughts, Starve us with the feckless bounty, Our personal flickering blue idols. We, who write, write poems […]

Despite the Cost

~~~~~ What is it follows? Can it be found? It follows you around. Sometimes in front, sometimes behind. Opens doors, slams doors in your face. Sneaks in cheek by jowl, cuts no slack, a burdened back. Into darkness, into light. Never into or out of sight. Dogs your steps, manacles your joints. Points of pain, […]

Breathing Deeply

On the Wing ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ We gather wings unto our being Flex, unfold our spirit, lift and fly Alighting quickly, timid, cautious Breathing deeply, expanding Our soul, to dive into the void Unknown, yet anticipated, expected Glory in flight alone, unaware Sailing higher, until we look down Nothingness greets our eyes, vision […]