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The Hunt

~~~~~ Steps follow through the darkness. Factory clamor obscures the sound. When the machines simultaneously Stop, before galloping on, you hear Heavy steps, not your slight tread, a Moment late, unready for the scant Second, when the machines halt as if An indrawn breath of anticipation. No, it’s again time for the rhythmic Dancing music […]

To Live in Darkness

~~~~~ Here they come, dancing down the lane. Joyful laughter ringing out loudly, until Mrs. Croft erupts from her door to glare. Those beady eyes silenced many before. Laughter tiptoes past, giggling like bits of shattered glass beneath scattered feet. Their soles are not young. History scars. No longer moving carefully, totally sure, They race […]

Decide We Believe

~~~~~ Counting time like the beating of my heart. I hear it pulsing within my ear each night, Head upon my pillow, other quiet times. What are my worries in the grand scheme, Space and creation? A tiny mouse squeaks Into god’s ear, infinitesimally tiny. Beggars Our imagination, comprehension. Oh, well. What else are we […]

Plans They Have Made

~~~~~ Not all, but many gray heads Marvel at youth’s energy and Innocence, worn by cynicism. Now, the sun shines on youth, This moment of first flowering. Wonder how many will realize Dreams they are dreaming, or All the plans they have made? Do we recall plans we drew? Did we don them, a sharp […]

Not A Test?

~~~~~ If you would do your best, Best not to follow the rest. Use what they expressed. Creation is joy, not a test. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~ See more of my creative offerings at: Philip Brent […]

Twixt Swimming and Sunk

~~~~~ Is it possible for the clinically insane to grow even more mad over time? It seems a contradiction of the term. It’s like saying they’re a little dead. Though there are scenarios of degree. Disparity twixt drinking and drunk. Not distance twixt sinking and sunk When I look at the world,  I wonder. Hate […]

A Solitary Blue Heron Stands

~~~~~ A work in progress by Philias the Lesser How lush the valley grows in Spring With green refulgent at every hand. Where flowers bloom and fruit ripens, While the bees and birds commune. The farms stand empty and forlorn. All the men and women walk the lane. They look both hungry and insane. What […]

Life Courageous

~~~~~ What gifts given and received would will my words to sing? Tripping lightly from my brain, my heart, my tongue, Able to express the subtle hopes of anything and everything, The true name of all the life and death I live among. Would my hearing need to be honed exceeding fine, So I would […]

I See by Your Outfit

~~~~~ I see by your outfit That you are known. Not as much as many. Far more than some. Greater than me, I’m Sure it is true. Unless. You dress so to seem. A foolish thing to do. I offer you no slight. Don’t ken what your Is or may have been. If you love […]

Even I

~~~~~ I absorb the art and energy of talents who have gone before. Adapting images and words as a composer incorporates, alters and highlights folk tunes. Most centuries before my time, place. How am I related, if  any way? Would a genetic test reveal me? What if my results didn’t match the story I cherish […]