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Hidden Not Gone

People Over Politics, Survival Over Surrender, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ May the New Year Bring us a Safer, Happier, Healthier, and Kinder World And Thank You for Bringing Me into Your Lives. ~~~~~ Could it be I finally understand, even with my limited perception, that I am but briefly in the band, no matter my […]

Time We Must Wait

People Over Politics, Survival Over Surrender, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Light all the candles. Speak the ritual words. From the past, from the future. Do they now have meaning? Did they ever? Do you believe they will be heard?  If they are heard, will it matter? Another ritual, lost. Come and gone, yet to be. […]

A ‘70s Lament and a Moral

~~~~~   Hearing the music of a long forgotten song, A classic, yet we don’t remember its name. It’s not always even what we would choose. Life is its own agenda, some win, some lose. Reminds us, can’t see what tomorrow brings. How any moment might be paupers or kings. What I would say, choose […]

In Each Moment

~~~~~ Wrote these words      To pen a thought about a time now unknown,      far in the past or the future. I struggled when I found      the past too obscure, the future becoming now      in each moment that passes. Might as well try reading braille. The more that I thought         the […]

In Time

~~~~~ Watching any two people, like you, uncertain and alone, As they meet upon your street, to stroll along and converse. In time, they court, the formal dance, they smile and sigh, Till laughing, flushed, happy and out of breath, they sit. Talking heart-to-heart leads to dialogue, to harmony, to love, Opening, joining, sharing fear, […]

Merging Emerging

~~~~~ Where is the inspiration for poets, Wordwrights, artists, composers, Choreographers, others who sting I neglected to mention them now? Will another’s expression reach us, Inside us, to draw forth our spirit? For me, it is music, spoken word, Creativity, creation, what’s around Me, the way the wind blows, trees, Standing as they have stood, […]

And Promises to Keep

~~~~~ I would climb upon the stars So I may hear your thoughts. Live, with my pain and scars, As I am jumping over aughts. To be dancing upon the grass. I wonder which side I am on? If it’s all the same, I will pass, A gilded plate my name is on. All, and […]

Ain’t We Great?

Ain’t We Great? ~~~~~ This is posted with a special shout out to Eric Wayne, multi-discipline artist, critic and someone who has shown this blog and, by extension, me a lot of love in recent weeks. Check out the link above. Words are paint, Paint becomes pixels Stone is chipped Chips in computers Memory is […]

It’s Yours

It’s Yours (First published 1/14 ~ Revised) ~~~~~ Whenever life has the last laugh, and it is on you, Drops you in the drink, snaps a lace on your shoe, Challenging and unfair, you may think, often true, But, more often, the problem is all because of you. “Wait,” you say, “How can this be […]

The River Flows

The River Flows ~~~~~ Watching the river flow, Standing on the bridge In the shank of night. A half-forgotten moon Casting the only light. Yet, as the moon merges With distant mountains, The stars above blaze, Full of moments, stories. Not only our myths, Legends we would guard, But myths and legends Of distant civilizations. […]