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Time Beyond Time

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Follow the Path ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Notes rush past me and flow through me. Percussion marks the beating of my heart. Syncopated base, mirrors mind’s musing. Shaped patterns combine to feed my soul. My creativity, that has struggled, crawled leaving a handprint, a footprint in its wake […]

Search to Return

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Game Night ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ To think everything we do is a combination of other things, some from the past, the future. Sound a note, take a breath, see a vision, think. A love song might begin with a slammed door. So-called success of the rich from […]


People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ What if the stars and galaxies disappeared you awaken unable to speak or understand? Where would you go if able dance through time? Which dance would you choose and why? We hurl ourselves into space, although never too far. Perhaps, one day soon we will marry our dreams […]

More Than

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Hanging Out 20-21 ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ How will we ever know what is rightDespite what all hierophants preach?How’ll we keep our fiery hope alight?Our answer’s unknown, but we reach. If a word, god, didn’t exist, now, everI cannot imagine the need to coin one.I been proven wrong, […]

Lunenberg,Nova Scotia,

When I Reach Home

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ How might I discover the way back? Do I look for signs, follow the river? I know in time, I will cross the river. Without a boatman or spectral figure. I think I will not be dressed in black it’s the absence of color and vision. I’ve seen […]

Isn’t Up to Me

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ I tell you I have no time for art although, I seem to find a way to pass my studio; I stay away. When I go, I’m overwhelmed. Too much mess to contemplate. So, what exactly is the question? Is it why I don’t make it priority if […]

Sarabande for Missing Magic, Redux

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Missing magic, miracles all vanished, hidden from everyone. From vast spaces gone. Into unseen minuscule interstices, between atoms disappeared. Despite clues, maps and legends, whispered rumors, whereabouts remained unknown Some mounted quests. Heroes came forth. Solo adventurers, robber’s trusts, fellowships. All trekked far, endured miles uncounted. Summits scaled, […]

Love is All

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Ancient before time, impenetrable void waited. Crawled from its atomic shell; instantaneous illumination flared. Newborn this moment. A swirling figure moves, is every moment. Innocently wise, hopeful, in constant conflict. Cooperation in every interchange. Full of wonder, every and all stories. Worth living for, growing, expansive. Worth dying […]

I Hope

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Early AM writing once again, again. The words come when they choose. Though I make these marks on paper Regardless of whether I am inspired. Still, weather or a sound or the view May send phrases tumbling through. My head, till I hope I’m fast enough. I urge […]

Simply Walk Away

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ I wonder how we’re always so damn busy Now when we no longer work every day. Calls without ending, with doctors, friends and, most of all, telemarketers and scams. No warranties to extend now, in the future. We are current with all of our bills as well. The […]