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Power of Words and Art

~~~~~ Words, art, music, dance are powerful. They can create worlds, feelings,. truth. They allow us live other lives, in places We might never know or imagine and, Have the ability to change the world. While science helps us to understand, And so manipulate forces we cannot Completely control or comprehend. Yet still we play […]

Love is All

~~~~~ Ancient before time Impenetrable void waited Crawled from its atomic shell Instantaneous illumination flared Newborn This moment A swirling figure Moves, is every moment Innocently wise Hopeful, in constant conflict Cooperation in every interchange Full of wonder, every and all stories Worth living for Growing, expansive Worth dying for, each instant All mirrored within […]

Musings on a String Octet

~~~~~ The bows glide up and down, back and forth, Rapidly, but oh how sing the lyrical strings. Soft, slow, fostering feelings of great worth; Played by masters, the rapture music brings. ~~~~~ See more of my creative offerings and opinions at: Brent Harris Fine Art Philip Brent Digital Art Vida Voices Scriggler TPM The Extra […]

Brief Moments

How my heart soars on the wings of song Dances across the letters in lyrical prose Swims in lush colors of artist’s meadows Allows brief moments which I may roam Blink of an eye; I know what it is to free See more of my creative offerings and opinions at: Pen’s Might Philip Brent Digital […]

If Never I Would Leave You

This should be sung to the tune of If Ever I Would Leave You, from Camelot. Should be featured in the new musical, Scamelot. If ever I got impeached, It would crash the market. Really crash the market, As only I know. My hair streaked with sunlight, While flips said my name, My face full […]

Brings Quiet

Love Among the Ruins ~ Edward Burne-Jones A young artistic rebel brotherhood, long ago painted realistic, lush romantic scenes Vivid colors evocative, see the paint flow, detailed and precise, every line clean Yet, their paintings appear fanciful, while the impressionists portray the real. Both aesthetic meals leave us sated, full Interesting how art can make […]

Be Still

Listen to the music as you pass and wonder who sings your song ethereal and reaches inside you played on a piano; it makes you feel unmanned, apprehend skill and grace played by either hand. Be still, listen, becoming the notes, the moment When you connect with this,  everything beyond Whether you get it depends […]