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Seeking Always to Return

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Dancing here, watching you dancing there, another step. Similar to mine, sometimes, counterpointed, turned away. I reach out, offering my steps to you, hoping you will try. Will we walk in tandem then together or walk another way? I do not, cannot know, though I yearn to shelter […]

A Country Alone

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ The organ’s sonorous voice carries the mourners from the church out into a rain of tears flooding a bright, sunny day. fuzzing sight, and calling the past present. Too much food; some of it strange that we’ll never eat. Fueled by memory, sharing. potluck casseroles, alcohol, we will […]

Reaching Home

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ This is how it always is, though no way close to what you or I think, have decided it must be. Yet, what you believe may become your vision. Perhaps, for a time, you will convince me it’s mine. I would not persuade you to follow what I […]

As I Fall Behind

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ In the light of the sunset, I saw the eyes of truth. Though they showed the debt I accrued in youth. They left me smiling, just the same. In the glory of the dawn, I heard the voice of all creation, saw the raptor and the fawn. I […]

A Different Day

~~~~~ In this instant generation is it ever just now? If each moment an anticipated future, how? Recording all our lives for future delectation Can existence contain any new expectation? Will it ever be right now, this moment, day? Can we live now while deciding what to say? It is said, our history is written […]

If We Are Lucky, We May Bleed

~~~~~ March is a confused time of both Winter and Spring, at least where I live. All four seasons may show off, anytime or any place we look. Only if we pay attention. How did I arrive here and now? I acted as a child, full of hope imagination. Oblivious to subtleties around me. Always […]

Another’s Dream

~~~~~ Themes of water and waiting Speak to me, beg to come out and play across every page. I must carefully protect them. Stains, tears, random sweat. What grace flows through me? Labors of love spiced by tears When I, another captures ink, flowing into Rorschach blots. They become different words than those I scribble […]

Anticipation in Silence

~~~~~ Deep into the night, rain, drums down on the roof, cascades from the eves. The water the only music in this dark, empty city. A lone woman, turns her collar up against the mist. Heels click streetlamp to streetlamp in vacant lanes, anticipating the city alive. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace […]

Everything You Are

~~~~~ Everything you see comes from an exploding star. Your laughter, your smile. Your anger, your eyes. Everything you hear comes from an exploding star. Your hopes, your dreams Your pains, your sorrows. Everything you recall comes from an exploding star. Your unborn children, your future. Your songs unsung, your wit Everything you touch comes […]

What We Lack

~~~~~ Rain patters, drops on the roof, tickles the windows, plops in puddles. Laughs, cries, reminds us of sunlight, which is always there, though unseen. We no longer believe the sun rests when we can see it no longer, Whether night or clouds, our own cave, where we crawl to disappear. The only one who […]