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My Head Might Explode

People Over Politics, Country Over Capitulation, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ What convoluted scenes we nightly create, Within our dreams our world  contemplate. When we can learn how, cogitate this fluidly, We should then, finally, comprehend reality. Yet our mind clearly contains what we need. It has done its utmost to propagate this seed. We, dullards, […]


~~~~~ The, putrid rancorous odor From our cancerous order Should motivate any voter Inside or outside the border. You must gag on the funk, Shout at your shoes daily.. I’m ill smelling the skunk. Any further words fail me.. ~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ See more […]

Beneath the Crust

~~~~~ Seek neither power nor popularity, Though the world tell us, we must. To avoid violence, villainy is victory. Though these would feed your lust. It balances in the end, wait and see. We are the same, beneath the crust. ~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ See […]

Human! Human!

~~~~~ Human! Human! spurning right Will you vanish in the night? When mortal weapon, hand or spree Shall end thee for eternity. Not so distant wait the flies To watch the fire leave your eyes. On what fell wings do they descend Your flesh and sinew then to rend? And you molder and depart As […]

The Meaning of Today

~~~~~ What did you hear that man say? He said the meaning of today. You  mean the last twenty-four hours, or birth and death of all the flowers. If it’s the first do you think we know? If it’s the latter, I doubt that’s so. Still, I am only one small voice. Believe or ignore […]

Despite the Cost

~~~~~ What is it follows? Can it be found? It follows you around. Sometimes in front, sometimes behind. Opens doors, slams doors in your face. Sneaks in cheek by jowl, cuts no slack, a burdened back. Into darkness, into light. Never into or out of sight. Dogs your steps, manacles your joints. Points of pain, […]

Ask Only One Question

~~~~~ Give me now the cheerfulness and fearlessness of our youth. Back when we knew they were our lives, embodied our truth. Towels we used to make super hero capes with paper masks. Innocence our strength to conquer all our Sisyphithian tasks. Heroes all, though one day as Indians, the next day cowboys. Imagination’s fires […]

Willing to Want

~~~~~ While I wait, I watch and I wonder, Periodic people passing by I ponder. Makes me mull missing motivation, As I await an answer with anticipation. My path pursued sans my past passion. Where would it, in weakness, wander? Am I in anyway able to grasp it again? Troublesome times transpire truthfully Mindful many […]


~~~~~ Found Verbiage Free Verse Exploring what haiku, poems and stories can be garnered from the headlines, sub-heads and captions (the bold-faced type) in my local daily newspaper, I began to wonder what this says about our existence at this moment in time. Like snapshots, capturing images, emotions, our greater story expressed in our headlines. […]

Mute, Moot

~~~~~ This computer which consumed my life Nibbled away in small bits, large bytes. It jabbed, twisted as it stuck in the knife; If only Ben Franklin never flew the kite. A world away, you read what I’ve written. This strange interface provides translation. The powers that be would rather we fit in; Beware, they […]