Have I told You? ~~~~~ Have I told you about anything I know Or have I only told you about my beliefs? One’s like granite, survives a hammer blow, The other like a gust of wind or a falling leaf. Belief will sometimes change the world. Knowledge is sometimes calcified and friable. If we could […]

Sea and Sand ~~~~~ Breath deep the glimmering day. All too soon it will all pass away. Hillside lush and green with life, Gentle curve, the horizon’s knife. Anon, the sun slips into the sea. Hoping the morning, we will see Can you imagine, a tiny chance, Hummingbirds, raindrops dance. A fiery sunset, wildfire’s balance. […]

Your Turn ~~~~~ Once a lonely child dreamed the universe While it could be better, it could be worse Now it’s your turn, so, what might you do If creating the cosmos were up to only you ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment […]

Can You? ~~~~~ Life might seem like endless chores; Some say better than heavenly choirs. You would have to live on love alone, Unless endless singing helps to atone. It’s all made up, no matter your belief. Can you find solace in another’s grief? Because, if my faith right, yours is not, Such a sad […]

Bet it Ain’t So ~~~~~ Please, breathe deeply and let it all go. Why worry about how little you know? Sit back and relax and go with the flow, Like you are buried neck-deep in snow. Unless you’re loaded, rolling in dough, You don’t count, case you don’t know. Wage-slaves, drones held down below, Have […]

Near but Far from Home ~~~~~ Out for a day, near but far from home, Where do you think this child might roam? Hither, thither and even yon, What might I chance upon? A mighty tree, With children at play, becomes a tower, Though it changes by the hour. A hidden trail beneath a massive […]

Better or Worse ~~~~~ Is life less or more difficult than we make it? Do our choices control how our days will go? Some say they know; I think they’re faking it. Though may be better or worse than it shows. No matter, I guarantee it us keeps on our toes, When it feels like […]