You may feel that politics must consume us and, I admit, everything seems scarier now. We should stay worried at what divides us, money, bigotry are pushed so we daily row. Otherwise, you may as well become a lush. If we don’t rethink our world bottom to top, we might as well blot out the […]

I’m a better person because I learned again to feel, by uncorking the bottle where all but anger lived. poured myself a glass and drank it; I had to kneel Poured onto the sands my emotions, truth sieved New sea of my feelings; waves roll up and down, some move gently and some rage as […]

Why are we taught to ever misunderstand our highest potential’s in hope and in love? Our drive to compete comes from long ago, yet, this is what we all nurture, topping all. I fail to comprehend, though I like to win Is that merely what I learned growing up? Can I find a way to […]

We get confused by other languages and the place we’re from, doesn’t understand. We smile,  frown in exactly the same way. Smile at someone now, improve your day. Not always, but often, they’ll smile back. If not, don’t be alarmed, go on the attack. Don’t know what their life is, was before, that simple smile […]

Some may think this post does not mean very much More than four years since I started this blog on a lark Where I’ve written satire, essays, some poetry and such I gained 100 followers, none bought, the century mark   Thank You one and all

I am overhearing a lecture-going crowd; they’re talking about the daily mundane. Family, will their kids survive, out loud. Children as adult, no childhood to regain. Neither parent or child can relive the past. All parents hope to teach them to survive. Each generation wants better than the last. So it’ll be as long as […]

One thing we always find in life is curves. No matter what you have or who you are, your road looks straight, then it swerves, when walking, riding, or driving a fast car.   I appreciate any thoughts or comments you might have. Thank you.