Wishing can work just like magic, Depending on your focus and intent. Careful, it could end up being tragic, Wonder how you got where you went.   I’d love to hear what you think. I get very few replies, but I’ve never understood why. Advertisements

Watching Hockney’s moving landscape wall; Startled by images of dead birds, morphing. Speaks of the seasons the landscapes portray And the ever-fluid nature of nature, of life. We speak of capturing magic in a bottle. Our vain attempt to seize everlasting life. Rendered here in pixels, moving, shifting; We find a vision which reminds us […]

It cannot make any real difference Which way you might go, if you go Forward and don’t sit on the fence. On a fence, watch life, never know What might have been, no suspense. Sitting thus you’ll never ever move In any particular direction toward Any disaster or triumph to behoove Choice: boss, worker, beggar, […]

Find your life, daily, picking on you, With little pinches in dribs and drabs? You are, no doubt, worrying at it, too, In the way we pick at, pull off scabs. It is not the death of a thousand cuts. Still, life’s petty problems wear us out. I tell you this with no ifs, ands […]

You may feel that politics must consume us and, I admit, everything seems scarier now. We should stay worried at what divides us, money, bigotry are pushed so we daily row. Otherwise, you may as well become a lush. If we don’t rethink our world bottom to top, we might as well blot out the […]

I’m a better person because I learned again to feel, by uncorking the bottle where all but anger lived. poured myself a glass and drank it; I had to kneel Poured onto the sands my emotions, truth sieved New sea of my feelings; waves roll up and down, some move gently and some rage as […]

Why are we taught to ever misunderstand our highest potential’s in hope and in love? Our drive to compete comes from long ago, yet, this is what we all nurture, topping all. I fail to comprehend, though I like to win Is that merely what I learned growing up? Can I find a way to […]