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Wend My Weary Way

Striking Distance ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Bright setting sun sparkles twixtthe waves and foam. They breakup and over the sea wall, past theriprap, the riffraff, passing home.Waves not tall in surfer parlance.I save that for another day goneby, walk more and see what I see,while I wend my weary way along. ~~~~~ People Over […]

A yellow house with a blue roof, sitting in a garden

Cacophony of Squawk

~~~~~ Sitting on a bench in the sun watching clouds crawl across the hills. Clouds slide by above Stones along the breakwater bask in chiaroscuro patterns signifying nothing. Nor do the 21 pelicans north, mixed with majestic blue herons seeking, searching for prey to feed their nestlings who raise a mighty cacophony of squawk from […]

Eons Upon Eons

~~~~~ A train whistle sounds in the distance, shifts and moans, jams with the night. The critters are there, hiding, stalking. Nest of coyote pups yips, demanding now their mother’s home; me first me. We might find the process disgusting, gross, though sometimes, we’re fools, without wit, wisdom of a court jester, or a town […]

Critics, Critics Everywhere

~~~~~ It muted me after I unmuted me. I then tooted my rerouted plea. My computer changed on its own. Can’t the critics leave me alone? ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~ See more of my creative offerings […]


Flowing Through Time ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Where are we going? Where have we been? Watch the camera take the pictures now, on our journey to other times and other places. Video to encode sound and feel, language. Music, art, stories and, oh, so many things serve as our time machines, although static. We […]

Like Most Things

Much Laughter ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Days gone by since I’ve let my thoughts express my thoughts. What the atman passes through me. Some, I write originate with me. Some, I attempt to capture before they slip away from me. I don’t know how it works for others, poets, writers, artists. Which, like most […]

Until We’re Gone

~~~~~ Must we always hack our way through the most difficult stretch of the world? For, if we look, we’ll find our own path. Our trail may have trials but grants us with treasures we have hidden along the way. Our core expressed as only we can, even while others fail to notice; cannot comprehend […]

Sing to Me Sweetly

~~~~~ Sing to me sweetly. I would know your song. Let it infuse my marrow, join my half heart. I shall be carried on the lift and lilt of music, until I realize I’ve known your tune all along. More, that you have known my tune as well, words conveying wonders I hope all witness. […]

At Last

~~~~~ There is infinite time in space. There is infinite space in time. Whatever you think you feel, may not, in any way, be real. What does it matter if nothing has sense, if this is pretense? Change the present, not past. Can we begin change at last? ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! […]

I Sit by the Side of the Trail

~~~~~ Fighting for breath but out in nature. Dardanelles trail, which locals will know. Walking here. Sometimes trees, sometimes no. I watch grasses wave in the wind. Seeds and pods still clinging. Trees sway more gently, Ones I see. Other walkers come up the trail. I wonder will they say hi to me? One said […]