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No Reason

No Reason ~~~~~ When I see my father’s forehead, Observing a reflection of my face, I know that one day I will be dead And that time has slowed my pace. As I could not walk while a baby, I know that time may come again. And the how or why this may be, not […]


Feelings ~~~~~ Strolling through a meadow, Watching clouds glide by, Lost within the jumble Of my brain, no true thought. My being teaching me Sometimes it’s preferable To simply walk. No mission no destination. Living in the world Instead of fighting to remain Separate. As if we Have the power to disconnect, To live as […]

Never See

Never See ~~~~~ I marvel at the sounds and stories Words spin when they flow through me. How music helps me find these glories, Which, on my own, I might never see. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what […]

Future Ghosts

Future Ghosts ~~~~~ Are we all searching for ghosts Of us, in this life or another, A different incarnation, time line or some parallel universe? All us, younger versions of us, Older versions, all depending Where and when we search. Do we seek the hidden spirit Of our happiness, to prove There’s a reason why […]

Many Lovely Things

Many Lovely Things ~~~~~ Coming to terms with the world at small. Do you think that means anything at all? Time: construct for cosmic construction. Pimple on God’s face: a pustule eruction. We say, hey Mom, hey Mom, look at this. We’re hushed, pushed away, just ignored. How can anyone simply ignore our bliss? Till […]

A Bit

A Bit ~~~~~ The strange and strained current year is finally, at-last, coming to a close. Strange and strained to me; I suppose, There must be other people who fear That we have gone completely insane. Could we be better, tomorrow dawn? Or are we better dancing on the lawn? We must do our best […]

It Won’t Matter

We’re walking on the Mobius strip of time, Thinking we know where it begins or ends. Those on the other side are equally sublime, Busy making enemies and courting friends. Pretending there’s something more to being, We move along to the next part of our path. Not quite understanding what we’re seeing. It won’t matter […]