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Brevity, the Wit of Soul

~~~~~ Could it be I finally understand, with my limited perception, that I am but briefly in the band no matter my talent or reception? ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think. See more of my creative […]

Ain’t Worth Shit

Ain’t Worth Shit ~~~~~ We never know what we don’t know Until the moment that we know it. Our ignorance may strike us a blow; Knowing it too late ain’t worth shit. For example, the danger of any virus, That you catch, but think it’s a hoax. Virus’ don’t respect station, age, bias. And a […]

Ain’t We Great?

Ain’t We Great? ~~~~~ This is posted with a special shout out to Eric Wayne, multi-discipline artist, critic and someone who has shown this blog and, by extension, me a lot of love in recent weeks. Check out the link above. Words are paint, Paint becomes pixels Stone is chipped Chips in computers Memory is […]

A Dream That Is Real

A Dream That Is Real ~~~~~ A dream that is real as a promise; It’s something would become us. And if in becoming, we became, No need anything stay the same. Although you cannot believe me, When you do, you’ll not leave be. Truth, within your heart lies bliss, A dream that is real as […]

Dark as Distance

Dark as Distance ~~~~~ Softly now, we whisper, walk along a winding clifftop path. Under sun or stars, day or night, we chat, calm, confident Cradled in the touch, the strength of holding each other’s hands. Cold mist off the ocean stings our arms, but we are warm, together Then, as if by chance, we […]


Soaked ~~~~~ We went out for a walk and shopping. Humid, rain promised, hot and sweaty. I am temporarily not wearing my mask, Though my car window’s open to the air. Vehicle parks beside me, a pickup truck And on goes my mask, soaked in sweat. I see people passing, who don’t believe, No mask, […]

When Our World is Well

When Our World is Well ~~~~~ When our world is well, once again, And we no-longer shelter-in-place, Will we return to stress and strain, Smile in greeting, afraid to embrace? When our world is well, once again, Will it all be like it was just before, Forced to put life over death, pain, To feel […]