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Children’s Laughter

~~~~~ Make not my coffin of wood,. Neither stone nor metal either. Make the sides of living trees. Make the bottom of rich earth, So my body becomes new life. Make the cover of protean sky, Where I’ll feel sun and seasons. Weave not my shroud of cotton, Neither silk nor cambric either. Wind me […]

From Top to Toe

~~~~~ Could the Wright brothers ever begin to imagine air travel today? Thirty-thousand feet, wall-to-wall clouds, spread a vast, gray ocean. Can we even pretend to imagine what modes of travel might rule our future transportation, human, freight, concepts, feelings beliefs? Will we perch before flickering blue-screen idols, show pictures of cats, food we eat, […]

Never or Rarely

~~~~~ Is our world really too large When we are all the cosmos? Not only stars and galaxies, The dark spaces in between, But love and laughter, too, Science, faith and wonder? No matter what we believe True, never or rarely clever Enough to understand life Is simply what we imagine. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, […]

Tail of the Worm

~~~~~ Beneath the surface of the shadow, Live the voices, Who listen to the voices. Ordinary people Acting in extraordinary ways. An unexamined life, Ancient wisdom cautions, Is not worth living. Or is it, An uncommitted life denies scrutiny? To fully live Requires a willingness to pay, Pay a price, bear a burden, be brave. […]

Power of Words and Art

~~~~~ Words, art, music, dance are powerful. They can create worlds, feelings,. truth. They allow us live other lives, in places We might never know or imagine and, Have the ability to change the world. While science helps us to understand, And so manipulate forces we cannot Completely control or comprehend. Yet still we play […]

How Foolish We’ve Become

~~~~~ He walked through town, Late one afternoon, Wearing a Cheshire smile. I asked him, “why?” And he said, “Come walk with me awhile.” We walked on, Looking for a dark street, A lawn, an open field, Somewhere we could stand Or sit, or lie. Manufactured light, Obscured, occulted, A  phrase turned oddly, I thought; […]

Now and Then

~~~~~ In the never was the always and the ever was. It was ever never always, and it always never was. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think. See more of my creative offerings and opinions at: […]