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No Place Safe to Stand

~~~~~ If you find something’s wrong don’t cast about looking for a reason I’m the one to libel, always, I must honestly admit, this or any season You think you’re wrong, you’re incorrect, I’ll swear an oath I did it From simple misspelled words to atom bombs, for all I will take credit The argument […]

Love is All

~~~~~ Ancient before time Impenetrable void waited Crawled from its atomic shell Instantaneous illumination flared Newborn This moment A swirling figure Moves, is every moment Innocently wise Hopeful, in constant conflict Cooperation in every interchange Full of wonder, every and all stories Worth living for Growing, expansive Worth dying for, each instant All mirrored within […]


                  Guardians of Evil ~ Philip Brent Harris                ~~~~~ Twas chilling and the slimy toads Did mire and gamble on the wave. All flimsy were their morals, so Plan B, come all outraged. “Beware the Jabberwack, each one! The jaws that lie, the plots that hatch! Beware what the Putput heard, and shun The […]

The Fix is In

I get few likes on Twitter. What I am doing wrong? I should not end up bitter, Want to feel like I belong. I think I’m smart and clever, Yet no one seems to notice. I must find the right lever To fix my operandi modus. ~~~~~ Please, follow me on Twitter See more of […]

We Will Tell You

~~~~~ Join the revolution, turn and turn and turn Around, follow the sound, watch the birdie Which direction looks right; watch, learn Bet it all on just one card, down and dirty Watch all the ads and pay strict attention Get in the line now and march to the beat Fill with explosions, fast cuts, […]

Covered with Cat Hair

~~~~~ My desk sits by the window, covered with cat hair. One chair leg is short, makes it wobble when I sit. These, my poor excuses for my daily shirking bit, So I go to check the frig, but I find there only air. Everywhere I go I ride my bike with two flat tires, Mostly […]

In the Construct of Glutted Days

~~~~~ In the depths, the canyons of urban landscape, Where, I wonder, should I think to find beauty? Difficult to know where I might start my search. Should I go to a park, surround by busy streets, With sounds of commerce, traffic roaring past? A museum, perhaps, full of line, design, people Crowded cheek by […]