Category Laughter


~~~~~ My heart seeks answers to questions I do not know, know to ask or answer. Bemusing, I do not understand understanding. I cannot ponder, wonder which, I cannot conceive tenants of faith I do not believe. Existence, nonexistence, always, ever, always never. Everywhere, nowhere, Yet, always, always in the center. A pawn of fate, […]

Coping Strategy

~~~~~ We do what we can and we do what we must, time, but fickle storm, blows a random gust. Space, beyond our ken, in imagination sings. Each morning amazes us, new glory brings. While we grow madder, really quite insane, paltry scope of which our perceptions reign. Analyze what’s beyond, find  linier success. Most […]

Je Vous Suis

~~~~~ Radio crooned, what if god were one of us? Question a somewhat older pop song asked. It makes me wonder, what if god is all of us? And we fail to notice, since we all go masked Still, we tell ourselves we know only truth, everybody else only playing make-believe. But don’t let anyone […]


~~~~~ I sing the tune without notes, life, air, water, love and hate. Urgent laughter, birds and boats, indrawn breath which all await. Star birth and truth glowing, shadows contrast, seeds scatter, wafting aloft; a river flowing, small feet, rain go pitter-patter. Glorious crescendo in minor key within, without,, all together. Alone, contained, a stormy […]

More for Less

~~~~~ I am the candle, my gifts are my flame to light my way through utter darkness. My reason to be, no thanks nor blame; my light shines more, as I become less ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know […]

Part and Parcel

~~~~~ Land’s end, is it real or only metaphor? Will it bend, as need will reveal what we’ll use it for? The coastal horizon, undiscovered place where we walk. Will we put a guise on to hide our face or so we don’t balk? The known world, they tell me, is set. I cannot believe […]

Unexpected Wisdom

~~~~~ When children regard war and terror as normal, films, television, video games just the siren’s call. Can we wonder how fucked-up life has become; reality a child dismembered by a roadside bomb? So grab your toys, run away, find a place to hide, no help, as down the razor-blade of life we slide. Our […]