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Reason to Ask

Reason to Ask ~~~~~ Let us sit down quietly, gathered all together. Let us speak what’s vital, wind and weather. Listen, the trees that shade us, are our home. Bless beings we eat, wear, the grass and loam. Sit peacefully, talking rarely, in gentle voices, opening our true being to embrace all choices. Acknowledge our […]

I Wonder?

I Wonder? ~~~~~ What would I do with me, without you? Do any of us know what might be true? More than I was, less than I have been, A piece of me missing, no nib in my pen. scratching at life, yet, leaving no mark, like rubbing two sticks without a spark. Words are […]

I Will Wait

I Will Wait ~~~~~ I sense I am on the verge, terra incognito. Vast, unlimited potential, possibility, still unknown, glowing, the aura of discovery. How may I explain without sounding as if I am lavishing on myself undue praise, or my mind has slipped; I’ve become a fool? In writing, painting, creating, manifesting mastery; not […]

Horse Behind the Cart

Horse Behind the Cart ~~~~~ If we made our lives open to reading, music, art, how would we choose, decide where we’d start? Never liked classical, like the Saturday cartoons, Hated rock, jazz, still, to Muzak you hum tunes? Presentation wrong? Nothing works in every age, not times around the sun, how each fills the […]

The Other Shoe

The Other Shoe ~~~~~ In times which try you, foil your plans, do you hold on tightly, use both hands, sink ‘neath the waves, in deep despair? Hope anyone helps you; no one’s there. If days, weeks, years, the world stinks, you feel hopeless, know you’re jinxed. You see not a way to thrive or […]

Long Time Friends

Long Time Friends ~~~~~ I watch a group of older women share, talking, laughing, all long-time friends. Experience, affection and respect echo in their every gesture, laugh and smile. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think. See […]

Might Have Been

Might Have Been ~~~~~ Yes, we laugh at the family tortoise, find it funny they saunter so slowly. They have the same thoughts for us, so quickly gone, ere they know we. Stepping so slowly keeps them alive beyond our four score years and ten. Over time, there’s wisdom to derive. See what could be, […]