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Too Late Considered

~~~~~ Home Complex confusing and contentious conversations may prevail, when sundry family members to the wide world do disperse. Traveling from home-based roots, trekking far beyond the pale. lessons learned young may not survive from cradle to hearse. Or lessons taught are planted deep, rooting values far too well. When elders change their diet, cultivating […]

Anthem in Black and Blue

~~~~~ Watching the blue of heaven fall, neon hue slipping down the wall. Canvas flags flutter, angel wings reflecting the glory of the sound. You wonder about divine choirs Unsure of what they might sing? As names and voices are shared. This magic of a sacred moment, renders our songs celestial fair, with power that […]

Stories We Tell

~~~~~ Why do we always believe, that  we know what is right? Not only for us, I perceive;. If we cannot talk, we fight. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think. See more of my creative offerings […]

Life Courageous

~~~~~ What gifts given, received would, within my words, sing Tripping lightly from my brain, my heart, my tongue Able to express the subtle hopes of anything and everything The true name of all the life and death I live among Would my hearing need to be honed so fine I’d hear the stars in […]

Want Vs. Care

~~~~~ For want of a seed, the shoot was lost. For want of a shoot, the plant was lost. For want of a plant, the flower was lost. For want of a flower, the bee was lost. For want of a bee, the plant was lost. For want of a plant, the food was lost. […]

What Need?

~~~~~ I heard a question most recently, which, I must say puzzled me. Seriously, someone asked, you see, what do we have any need, jeez, for tigers to walk among the trees? And while I pondered, I realized, I could never, ever compromise. So, seriously, I ask you now, why, what need have tigers wandering […]

This, Too, Shall Pass

~~~~~ What distinguishes, creates demarcation between living and life? Can they be divided or shared, like pieces of pie cut with a knife? Or. only the viscera of being alive, breathing and eating and shit. Simply work, chores, needful daily obligations; that cannot be it. In relationships you always hear such a lot of talk […]