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Which Way to Fall

~~~~~ Come then, let us dance and sing to the swift strumming of guitars. Let us play and caper about, like children or mad fools who share a place that we have left behind. It’s not a land you’re invited to. You left long ago. You say not. It’s within your denial, harmony walks along […]

Meant to Be

Rising of the Moon ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ “But wait,” you say. “How can any of this be true?” All the rote lessons we swallowed whole in school. Will you avow our lives are wasted? You’re a fool. Think about the young children playing long before they have ever been taught to hate or […]

Within a Woodland

~~~~~ I fell into a dream within a woodlandunaware of who I was or where I lay.I didn’t know, was I awake or sleeping?I felt protected, like floating on a cloud.I gave myself to soft slumber’s keeping;my heart then slowed, my head bowed. I might learn, if I thought it mattered.Fairies, I espy, sipping with […]

Sing to Me

~~~~~ Will you transport me somewhere divine? A city somewhere faraway; not holy, sublime I know your fingers have learned every street. Broad boulevards, alleys, and narrow lanes. Show me wonders I would not find on my own. Unless I have a thousand years there all alone. Yet, if I’m alone and the city is […]

Note by Note

~~~~~ What dance is this, if I may ask?Is it too capricious to explain?Yet, danced once, it’s easy to learn.Knowing now, I hasten to proclaim.Dance me the stars, the bottom of the sea.Metaphor cannot contain what this means to me.Take my hand and I will guide you step-by step.Everywhen, we shall always have laughed and […]

Rolling the Die

On the Lookout ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Round and round a die tumbled and spun. Might it bring disaster or merely bring fun? Chances are, it’ll change with every throw. It is only rolling the die that we will know. Now, die, of course, may connote a death. Really, what do you think we […]

Conspires in Darkness

Duplicity x Two in Green ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ How many scams can one man assay before he’s known to flimflam? How many folks will murder or die before they see through his sham? Yes, and how many years will this madness exist before his shills won’t persist? The answer and why they still […]

Here We Go

~~~~~ When the absurd makes sense and sense becomes absurd. Here we go. Here we go. Around the wheel again. We’ve been here before. Let’s continue to pretend a thing’s exactly what it is. While it is something else. Do you want water w/ fizz or a nasty beer gone flat? Do you have any […]

Don’t You Know?

~~~~~ All our symbols of success and failure are much more than they might appear. Though they may not be what you think. Paper, metal bits, a conspirator’s wink. If you are rich, you believe I am wrong. All your wants, needs met, a happy song. If you are poor, you know that I’m right. […]

We Shall

~~~~~ In the deepest darkness where most folks don’t go, you will discover people not wearing any clothes. In the deepening darkness where most of us dwell, everyone’s willingly blind. No fire, yet still it is hell. Each lives with a view, whether it is day or night. Some fear the bright sun and others […]