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Should Tell Us

~~~~~ When did we decide imaginary lines Are more important than reality? Not only arbitrary boundaries of nations But also the labels of gender, color, home, Religion, class, and any other distinction. What if we thought of everyone, Each of us as people and nothing more? I understand there will be differences. Some will be […]

Dressed in Motley Camouflage

~~~~~ I have shared this post twice. The first time in 2013 and the second at the beginning of 2019. These questions and answers seem, to me, more important than ever. ~~~~~ Questions What would you do if you could do anything? Are you sure? Who would you be if you could be anyone? Do […]

Act Like It

~~~~~ Walking along tree-shaded paths I have never walked upon before. Not unknown, except to me, now. Smell of redwoods, carried to me On a fresh breeze, the warm sun. In the vague distance, the ocean, Perhaps, although too hazy to tell. I know it’s the right direction but Far too far to walk, breaking […]

All Life Matters

~~~~~ The spiderwebs clinging to the outside mirrors On both sides of my car, expresses tenacity, A right to life no less important than my own . When I wash the webs away, the spiders stay. It makes me think we must reframe our vision. We need to realize that all human lives matter. Red, […]

Truth Finds a Way

~~~~~ A hall of repeating patterns is revealed, Many lines, squares, columns and capitals, Straight, undulating, solo and combined Will define our world in shapes and lines. Like Booker’s seven basic story plots these Shapes and lines found limited and finite, Until a magical combination, equals creation. World shown new, as it’s never seen before. […]

Respect and Protect

~~~~~ Word of the day: Ilat: In Line at the Bank, Store, Rally, Protest, etc. Example of Ilat: Now more than ever, everything Is ilat, in line at the you name it. All masked and sanitized, nothing We can bring, anywhere, that’s it. Each place we go we must protect Others to protect us, show […]


~~~~~ Does the human voice, Beautiful, resonant, Moving, harsh,. Croaking, damaged, Call to us, Bring to us, Wisdom, stories We cannot imagine, Make-up ourselves; Neither exact Nor strictly accurate But more true Than reality itself? ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let […]

Random Thoughts on a Hot-skillet Mind

~~~~~ Way late on a west-coast afternoon, I think it a month or two past June. Could I succeed despite many tries, When time crawls, when time flies? No matter what we choose, decide, Deal with some you cannot abide. Relatives and some called friends, You decide to enjoy it, or pretend. The news grows […]

All Our Lives

~~~~~ There are people who know all our lives are a show And they’re determined to make us not matter. If they get what they want, stay the people in charge; Their rule will make our lives a living hell. And they’re determined to make us not matter. In our minds and our hearts, we […]

Beneath the Skin

~~~~~ Worker bees now stuck home, busy buzzing Around in circles, until loud alarm sounded. Stream out from all hives, about being alive, Defend those attacked due to evil unreason. Professed beliefs underlie daily intolerance, Which is usually much less than skin deep. Yet we all move to the same diurnal dance, Wake up in […]