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I May Be Wrong

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Information Disconnect ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Sometimes, it is merely the sense it takes to choose whether to sing the world’s song. Like Covid vaccine, masks, for God’s sake. You know you’re right; I know I may be wrong. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is […]

Offset Antipodes

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Make It So ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ In time, each will rise and each will fall. In that span, all will be morose and elated. Ultimately, together, we shall all stand tall because we understand, we are all related. Not people only. Anything that you think. Yes, that, […]

Frigid Fires

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! A House Divided ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Strange day yesterday in many ways mostly because it was so unexpected. Brother-in-law whose wife said, nay so that we felt we had been rejected. He said let’s do lunch; the visit brief. I pretended everything, acted normal. I’d made a […]

Claim It

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Blue Mood ~ Wish You Were Here ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Don’t know where I left my brain today. Perhaps it still lies sleeping in my bed. Can’t seem to focus, know what to say. Funny. I look in a mirror, see my head. Maybe my brain is […]


People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ What if the stars and galaxies disappeared you awaken unable to speak or understand? Where would you go if able dance through time? Which dance would you choose and why? We hurl ourselves into space, although never too far. Perhaps, one day soon we will marry our dreams […]

Gone Now

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! The Secret ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ The flashes of memory from childhood. My friend, Michael. We played superheroes in homemade masks and capes. An elementary school named for an Indian, Pontiac. A move between 3rd and 4th grade left me lacking in the mysteries long division. Confusion, exiting […]

Once or Twice

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Life on The Edge ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ I once had a cat, my dear, who saidshe didn’t know just what she liked.You are a cat that is clear. I’ve readif you cannot pick, that seems right. If I cannot choose, how will I knowwhere I should go, […]

Don’t Stop and Stare

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Le Noir Nouveau ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Every time I look to find myself,I always find a different me instead.Like they took a new me off the shelf.Or, kept the old me with a new head. Then, when I think I’ve found myself,I always wander away, somewhere.Should you […]

A Fearless Boy

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Long, Long Ago ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ I believe in magic despite what you or I may call it. I admit there are times I forget I’m still a child. No matter my age, the inability, lack of agility my body uses to hide me from me.. I […]

But We Must Reach

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Is it nature or is it art? Nature is art on its own. Sometimes we create something exceptional using nature and have no reason we must atone. Yet, other times we take life with complete and utter disregard and we wonder why life’s hard. I think we need […]