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Quantity or Manner

Quantity or Manner ~~~~~ I feel the well, my source is dry. I cannot seem to find the words And I do not know what or why. Even these just smell like turds. I feel my heart has dribbled out Its ichor has sunk into the floor. It’s left deep stains on the grout. I […]

Future Ghosts

Future Ghosts ~~~~~ Are we all searching for ghosts Of us, in this life or another, A different incarnation, time line or some parallel universe? All us, younger versions of us, Older versions, all depending Where and when we search. Do we seek the hidden spirit Of our happiness, to prove There’s a reason why […]

Silently Across the Night

Silently Across the Night ~~~~~ Moving silently across the night-dark earth, Fires burn ever, Fluttering banners, gold and red, to mark the dead, Ever brighter, Projected onto shifting smoke, Ever hotter. An ever-changing, tattered screen, white, gray, black, Consuming all. No animal, no insect, no blade of grass remains For eyes to see. Glimpses through […]

Cherish Hope

Cherish Hope ~~~~~ I challenge you to cherish hope for a day. Reject all violence, everywhere, find a way. No press, socially reported evil worldwide, Here or abroad, in the city or countryside. Refuse to fear bullies, choose not to fight. Gruesome deeds lose power without sight. I urge you to step away from politics, […]

The Lamentations of Phileas the Lesser

The Lamentations of Phileas the Lesser ~~~~~ I lay awake in the dead of night. She came and took me by the hand, Raised me up to a wondrous sight, the beauteous dread out upon desert sand. The Milky Way’s starry glory overhead; I wished she’d left me alone, awake abed. I told her this […]

Whip’s Crack

Whip’s Crack ~~~~~ I wonder what lies yonder, It looks so very far away. As I draw near, I ponder. Will it always look this way? What if I turned my back? Or it turned its back on me? Turning fast as whip’s crack, Will it look the same or be? ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, […]

Shall We Dance?

Shall We Dance? ~~~~~ Gather ye the fortunes. Gather ye the graces. Let the gods walk and let the mischiefs play. Gone now the sorrows. Gone now all the pain. Out into the cosmos, More than we can say. Here now the turnings, All seasons light to dark. Quiescence, resurrection Dance eternity’s rondelle. ~~~~~ Peace […]