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Insanity In General

Sung to the tune of, I am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Buffa Operetta, The Pirates of  Penzance. We are the very model of insanity in general We’ve information violent, atrocical and criminal We know the guns of murder, and we quote the deaths statistical From Birmingham to Newtown in order […]

No Guarantee

For my friend, Chris. He’ll know why. Blow it up or blow it down No point us hanging around We start again as a beginner If we lived as saint or sinner Still and all, it’s been before Not by us, so now our chore Some craven but some brave Dumb, brazen sum’s a grave […]

Why the Sky is Green

What do I see around me? Some scientists would say nothing. It is all electromagnetic light waves entering my eye, transmitted by electrical impulses into my brain, which translates it into what I perceive. From the time light waves strike my eye until I “see” an image takes about a tenth of a second, 0.1. […]

One Step

I walked to a park in a neighborhood I was familiar to me, but not my own. The world had impinged upon me, darkened my mood and I had allowed it to do so. Watching a local sports team I loosely follow, I began feeling defeated. Not only were they losing, but also playing poorly. […]

Some Have, Some Will

Some have called me crazy, so many things worse Some have called me lazy; work smarter no curse Some have called me hazy; as I accept all, diverse Some have called me mazy, as rarely am so I terse Some have called me liberal; won’t be held captive Some have called me gullible; it is […]


I would happily spend all my days as nights If I could only live all of my nights as days What’s the problem someone random says They’re only labels; call them what you like Trees, I believe, may well be dogs or birds While dogs are railroads and birds flowers Seconds may last eternity; it […]

The Voice on the Phone

The voice on the phone said tell me your name The voice on the phone confirmed my number The voice on the phone asked me my problem The voice on the phone could not understand I wanted to speak to a real, live, actual person I did not want to be speaking with a recording […]

Time Alone

Are we contemplating our own days of future past Do we think, hope anyone will remember us at last Study us, analyzing where, when and why we ended Discover how we died, what greatness we pretended Will they applaud us as the sun, the moon, the stars Regard us like the finest horses, the fastest […]

Show and Tell

When I was young, in grade school, we had show and tell I imagine this is still the case, though I don’t know for sure Some students found this exciting, usually did it quite well For others just a daunting task, which felt a lot like torture Perhaps they were the ones teased and taunted, […]

Portrait Puzzle

It seems right now, today, I have nothing to say Different tomorrow, perhaps, or on another day My attempt to fool myself, may work, or may not Feeling I have not one idea, no creative thought Still,  words slowly crawl along this blank page Nothing here, I think, will make me look a sage Who […]