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Time Alone

Are we contemplating our own days of future past Do we think, hope anyone will remember us at last Study us, analyzing where, when and why we ended Discover how we died, what greatness we pretended Will they applaud us as the sun, the moon, the stars Regard us like the finest horses, the fastest […]

Show and Tell

When I was young, in grade school, we had show and tell I imagine this is still the case, though I don’t know for sure Some students found this exciting, usually did it quite well For others just a daunting task, which felt a lot like torture Perhaps they were the ones teased and taunted, […]

Portrait Puzzle

It seems right now, today, I have nothing to say Different tomorrow, perhaps, or on another day My attempt to fool myself, may work, or may not Feeling I have not one idea, no creative thought Still,  words slowly crawl along this blank page Nothing here, I think, will make me look a sage Who […]

Life Upside Down

My most recent verse was written with my notebook upside down It reads rather darkly, but I don’t think that could be the reason why The implications could be staggering enough to make me frown All the times I’ve moped and moaned, gnashed my teeth and cried Remember all the mawkish cheer, eyes twinkling, sung […]

Nothing to Fear

He walked through town, Late one afternoon, Wearing a Cheshire smile I asked him, “why?” And he said, “Come walk with me a while.” We strolled on, Looking for a dark street, A lawn, an open field Somewhere we could stand Or sit, or lie Manufactured light Obscured, occulted A  phrase turned oddly, Thought, I […]

Reason to Ask

Let us sit down quietly, gathered all together Let us speak of what’s vital, wind and weather Listen to the trees that shade us, are our home Bless beings we eat, wear, the grass and loam Sit peacefully, talking rarely with gentle voices Opening our very being to embrace all choices Acknowledge our connection to […]

My Secret Treasure

Digging a deep hole I find my darkness grows “No way out,” they say, “But through.” Pretty sure I’ll burn Long before I tunnel through The Earth Time to change Direction, but which way Should I turn Follow my nose Or wait for a sign A glimmer in darkness A will-o-wisp A jewel, or golden […]