Portrait Puzzle

Head Trip

Head Trip

It seems right now, today, I have nothing to say
Different tomorrow, perhaps, or on another day
My attempt to fool myself, may work, or may not
Feeling I have not one idea, no creative thought

Still,  words slowly crawl along this blank page
Nothing here, I think, will make me look a sage
Who knows? This may become my greatest opus
A sad thought, at least to me, but no need to fuss

Pondering, I sit and think, have I anything to say
Not just here and now, but this or any other day
My course complete, repeating myself endlessly
I will never know; it is all a game of wait and see

Dreamed that I had all my connections reversed
Minus for plus, running backward, unrehearsed
Can I dare to change, to choose to dare to dream?
Decide what life will be, no matter how it seems

Young, I dreamed of being heroic, saving the day
Imagined my cape and mask, nothing in my way
Grown now, called adult, more than many years
Such ambition fondly remembered, no sad tears

Small regrets, sure, ones others might feel too
Such good fortune mine that I cannot lie to you
My passion found, pursued, and even praised
Not writing, though its status has been raised

Art, painting and creating, against early advice
Labeled and told no talent, I did not think twice
Yet my inner vault unlocked, oil paint to canvas
With nothing to say I’ve finished seven stanzas

Conveying more to me, I think, and less to you
As I remembered understanding I already knew
Puzzle pieces fitted, my portrait becoming clear
When next I’ve nothing to say, I’ll share it here

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The Extra Mile
Art, clothing and other gift items

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