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The Lamentations of Phileas the Lesser

The Lamentations of Phileas the Lesser ~~~~~ I lay awake in the dead of night. She came and took me by the hand, Raised me up to a wondrous sight, the beauteous dread out upon desert sand. The Milky Way’s starry glory overhead; I wished she’d left me alone, awake abed. I told her this […]

Which is What?

Which is What? ~~~~~ How do we claim land which belongs to none, including the people we stole it from; they knew that. While we are fools cheering our so-called progress. Which is what? It’s reproducing past ability of land, sea, sky, and beyond. We wrote the history that said we are good. We told […]

Small and Petty

Small and Petty ~~~~~ Find, for me, a small and petty god. One grown right from my local sod. Who, as me, thinks, acts and looks. Who can be branded by the books. A proper deity, for me, should sate The horded hunger I have for hate. Teach spare the rod, spoil the child, Make […]


Anywhere ~~~~~ This was somebody’s plan for our future, new homes full of new, smiling people. Happy folks, without care; I can’t find ‘em anywhere. This grim portrait is of the middleclass, not home alas. I look around, folk I knew, think it might be me or you. Think we’re gone for good. ~~~~~ Peace […]

The Other Shoe

The Other Shoe ~~~~~ In times which try you, foil your plans, do you hold on tightly, use both hands, sink ‘neath the waves, in deep despair? Hope anyone helps you; no one’s there. If days, weeks, years, the world stinks, you feel hopeless, know you’re jinxed. You see not a way to thrive or […]

At Least Today

~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Stop now, then continue, amble along city streets. Stroll down brassy, brightly-lit boulevards, replete, preening, peering at our distorted reflections, why, sumptuous shop windows, blank-eyed passers-by. Captured in, by all the lenses of many-eyed CCTV. Daily life’s digital Camera Obscura in […]

Too Many Aces

Too Many Aces ~~~~~   Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ When the night descends in screams of terror, minus hope, our world shatters, breaks open, with the fragility of a DDT damaged eggshell, who will hear our wailing, save the darkness? With our cleverness, our hubris failed […]