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Distance to Anywhere ~ Would You Like Coffee With That?

Distance to Anywhere Would You Like Coffee With That? ~~~~~ What does it matter, How I feel, What I do? Infinitesimal or less In the list of all Things, stuff, piffle, Merely a passing moment. A falling leaf, An ant’s call to battle, Depth of the ocean, Distance to anywhere, Near or far. All different, […]

That’s What I Think

That’s What I Think ~~~~~ God’s feet I imagine Would not fit In my backyard Nor in the town Where I live Being so large God must be clumsy Or, perhaps, allergic To us, to people Do god’s sneezes Bring storms Mayhap god trips Steps into the ocean Causing rough seas Floods and tsunamis Eating […]

What’s in a Name?

~~~~~ I don’t know what I have here, if anything and would seriously love your views, good, bad or indifferent. (Hopefully, not the last one, but all views are valid.) What’s in a Name? Tim’s heart tells him to ignore it, but his brain says pay attention. He’s no longer sure what he’s looking at, […]

The Lamentations of Phileas the Lesser

The Lamentations of Phileas the Lesser ~~~~~ I lay awake in the dead of night. She came and took me by the hand, Raised me up to a wondrous sight, the beauteous dread out upon desert sand. The Milky Way’s starry glory overhead; I wished she’d left me alone, awake abed. I told her this […]

Which is What?

Which is What? ~~~~~ How do we claim land which belongs to none, including the people we stole it from; they knew that. While we are fools cheering our so-called progress. Which is what? It’s reproducing past ability of land, sea, sky, and beyond. We wrote the history that said we are good. We told […]

Small and Petty

Small and Petty ~~~~~ Find, for me, a small and petty god. One grown right from my local sod. Who, as me, thinks, acts and looks. Who can be branded by the books. A proper deity, for me, should sate The horded hunger I have for hate. Teach spare the rod, spoil the child, Make […]


Anywhere ~~~~~ This was somebody’s plan for our future, new homes full of new, smiling people. Happy folks, without care; I can’t find ‘em anywhere. This grim portrait is of the middleclass, not home alas. I look around, folk I knew, think it might be me or you. Think we’re gone for good. ~~~~~ Peace […]

The Other Shoe

The Other Shoe ~~~~~ In times which try you, foil your plans, do you hold on tightly, use both hands, sink ‘neath the waves, in deep despair? Hope anyone helps you; no one’s there. If days, weeks, years, the world stinks, you feel hopeless, know you’re jinxed. You see not a way to thrive or […]

At Least Today

~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Stop now, then continue, amble along city streets. Stroll down brassy, brightly-lit boulevards, replete, preening, peering at our distorted reflections, why, sumptuous shop windows, blank-eyed passers-by. Captured in, by all the lenses of many-eyed CCTV. Daily life’s digital Camera Obscura in […]

Too Many Aces

Too Many Aces ~~~~~   Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ When the night descends in screams of terror, minus hope, our world shatters, breaks open, with the fragility of a DDT damaged eggshell, who will hear our wailing, save the darkness? With our cleverness, our hubris failed […]