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Tomorrow and Tomorrow ~ A Short Story

~~~~~ Arthur stared at the succulents in the wooden planter box he’d made so long ago. Still solid, cleverly cross-braced. A rusted, iron-rimmed wagon wheel leaned against the end. Some of the spokes had already rotted away and he thought the rim would follow soon Everything else had. Two scarlet Fuchsia buds, not quite ready […]

What’s in a Name?

~~~~~ I don’t know what I have here, if anything and would seriously love your views, good, bad or indifferent. (Hopefully, not the last one, but all views are valid.) What’s in a Name? Tim’s heart tells him to ignore it, but his brain says pay attention. He’s no longer sure what he’s looking at, […]

Trial and Tribulations of a Time Traveler

“I don’t know where I am or why they brought me here.” “You are in my space. You are here because I told them to bring you here. They have never seen anyone like you. You remind them of their maker. Did they tell you they heard his hair turned white overnight? They do not […]

Found Verbiage Flash Fiction

Found fiction, conceived I believe by Eric Alagan, is a concept I discovered on his site Written Words Never Die. You’ll find him at  I highly recommend the visit. Although I’m working on some strictly concept pieces, I decided initially to apply my own twist and use the daily newspaper headlines and subheads I […]