Found Verbiage Flash Fiction

Found fiction, conceived I believe by Eric Alagan, is a concept I discovered on his site Written Words Never Die. You’ll find him at  I highly recommend the visit. Although I’m working on some strictly concept pieces, I decided initially to apply my own twist and use the daily newspaper headlines and subheads I use in my headline haiku as my source. I hope Eric finds my efforts live up to his standards.

Youth Races Death

Youth races for ideas, focused above and beyond. Fond of later, world springs from tries. Fear rises, stops, mind decides. Moment moves forward, lingers, losing steam. Tied to death, wisdom chooses.

The Future, Real and Imagined

No Winners

City chases challenging path. Titan hangs in, but stranded security ruins fine evening. People gather where killer died. Demand for gun violence rises. Hundreds dead in shooting spree. Press, death win.

Extremely Rare

Chicago survives coastal warming, decade after choppy waters arrive in New York. Power grid work-in-progress; market debates success. Forecasters dispute warning that food and water sightings extremely rare.

Education Elementary

Country, at the gate, closer to triumph; golden decade sharing love. Volunteer approach against violence builds. Nobody knew when we started this that sixth graders would lead the charge. Elementary education features solutions.

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