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The Inside More

I approach the sentient sentence trees at a dignified pace. I am nervous, but reverent, unarmed as seems appropriate. Under these sentence trees, I am in the moment, every sense heightened. People, places, things stack together, combining to become new shoots or already massive boles, the tops lost from sight. Like birds, tastes, sharp, illusive; […]

Serial Tuesday

Hello, All, I’ve recently finished reading Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work. He advocates sharing as much as you can, as often as you are able and believes there is great value in sharing work in progress. I agree with him, but have always felt timid about sharing work that isn’t complete. To that end, […]

Found Verbiage Flash Fiction

Found fiction, conceived I believe by Eric Alagan, is a concept I discovered on his site Written Words Never Die. You’ll find him at http://ericalagan.net/  I highly recommend the visit. Although I’m working on some strictly concept pieces, I decided initially to apply my own twist and use the daily newspaper headlines and subheads I […]