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What’s in a Name?

~~~~~ I don’t know what I have here, if anything and would seriously love your views, good, bad or indifferent. (Hopefully, not the last one, but all views are valid.) What’s in a Name? Tim’s heart tells him to ignore it, but his brain says pay attention. He’s no longer sure what he’s looking at, […]

A New Way

~~~~~ My eyes stare past my mother’s words. Then, I gently place the tattered book Of her version down Upon my roughhewn table, Away from my stubby candle’s flame. Contemplate what I read and know by heart. ‘Talk to me, foretell my future. Mired beneath murky clouds, Shades of black and gray. No longer bright […]

Trial and Tribulations of a Time Traveler

“I don’t know where I am or why they brought me here.” “You are in my space. You are here because I told them to bring you here. They have never seen anyone like you. You remind them of their maker. Did they tell you they heard his hair turned white overnight? They do not […]

The Inside More

I approach the sentient sentence trees at a dignified pace. I am nervous, but reverent, unarmed as seems appropriate. Under these sentence trees, I am in the moment, every sense heightened. People, places, things stack together, combining to become new shoots or already massive boles, the tops lost from sight. Like birds, tastes, sharp, illusive; […]

Serial Tuesday (Wednesday) ~ Toliver

Chapter Fifteen             “You were wise to avoid the fountain.” Toliver stumbled back from the door and turned toward the voice. The man from across the plaza stood a couple of feet away, casually tossing and catching Toliver’s barely-eaten fapple. Toliver didn’t understand why he hadn’t heard him approach, felt him stealing the fapple or […]

Serial Friday ~ Arcadian Journey

Chapter Fourteen                 Charoo proved an awful place, cool, green and brown with a pale blue sky. She missed the reds and blues, Arcadia’s lovely turquoise sky. Eni adjusted the scarf over the lower half of her face. She’d done it first to mask the odd smells that greeted her when she left the ship. […]

Serial Tuesday ~ Toliver

Chapter Thirteen (cont.) Toliver lay there a while longer, with no sure clue as to how long, dazed, dozing, slipping into and out of awareness. When he could finally open his eyes and keep them open, he could see more of the area around him. He struggled back to his knees and looked up. The […]

Serial Tuesday ~ Toliver

Chapter Thirteen Toliver awoke suddenly to the sound of the lock disengaging. He’d been sleeping lightly, his hat over his face, and realized immediately what he’d heard. He got up and approached the door hesitantly. He knew he hadn’t been lying there long. When nothing else happened, he grabbed the door handle. From the first […]

Serial Friday ~ Arcadian Journey

Chapter Thirteen The night screamed outside, raw and ugly, and they were quickly soaked to the skin and cold. Stavo knew he should turn back, gather their harps and wait out the storm, but his anger prevented him. He turned his shoulder into the wind and shielded Luus as best he could. Carrying his injured […]

Serial Tuesday ~ Toliver

(Chapter 12 cont.) After that, everything seemed to flow more easily. True, Toliver thought, sometimes they would find the equipment room locked. Then he would have to complain loudly and threaten to go find Sawyer before the key mysteriously appeared. They were provided extension ladders when they needed stepladders, but he could work around that. […]