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Haiku of Modern Life

Age and Beauty Age before beauty For wisdom trumps pulchritude Beauty, too, shall age Swish A train bell clanging Dopplering into silence Swish of traffic now Clear Ahead Train whistle warning To clear the tracks ahead now Crossing bar is down Blooms Blooms fade, passing time Stone fawn stares blindly upward Bright zinnia blooms

Silently Across the Night

Moving silently across the night-dark earth Fires burn ever Fluttering banners, gold and red, to mark the dead Ever brighter Blood-red projected on shifting smoke Ever hotter An ever-changing, tattered screen, white, gray, black, overlaid scarlet Consuming all No animal, no insect, no blade of grass remains For eyes to see Glimpses of crazed conflict […]

They Might Grow Up

Emergency, emergency, everybody to clear the streets *The cowboys are coming, the cowboys are coming* Guns carried openly on the hip or hidden under arm They will tell you it is only the bad folks they will harm Unless, of course they are the bad guys, that’s only fair Else they might shoot anyone for […]

What We Need?

Video games train us Violence, murder Hand eye coordination Mayhem’s future Except, perhaps We have not reached Reached far enough Into tomorrow Into all our tomorrows Extrapolated Final effects So much; too, too Too much Death, destruction A random boy Twelve-years-old Tells us He likes to play Play Leona Feminine, heroin A killing machine This […]

Wag Chins, Flap Gums

Well, they all do make really valid points Though their topic of discussion is unclear If we all sit down and smoke several joints We will then believe we’ve nothing to fear How do we deal with overdose information Religion, drugs, sex, TV, or move a mouse Whatever, we succumb, labor or recreation King, queen […]

Confusion Reigns

                Mentioned rarely in polite conversation, as I follow you around You will never see or hear me, because I never make a sound Unknown the land where I will one day lead you, an adventure Sometimes I’ll snatch you unprepared, curtail your time here Still, whether slow […]

Blessing of Age

Hours, I stood waiting, hours which felt like days to my knees and ankles. I wanted to scream, but the pain in my joints had reached such a banshee wail, I wondered that others didn’t hear it as well. Despite the best-laid plans, I arrived between three and four am and nowhere near the front […]

A New Way

  Talk to me; foretell my future Mired ‘neath murky clouds Shades of black and gray No more bright sun Limns the shadow What portends our pretense? Is it more Than happenstance? Will we ever Change the steps Of our fell dance? While peacocks preen Clean each feather Display their plumage For each other In […]

Life Lessons

A fireplace in a solid home, wooden mantle and surround Fluting, details in the wood and built-in shelves either side Mementoes from this life, ancestors, previous generations History contained memories, feeling felt within sentiment Meanings, we understand, more important than money Have more significance than any goods real or imagined Yet, one day these memories […]

Red Shifted

Watching the news last night Noticed something, caused a fright Stories full of depraved, depressing sights Ads for new medicines, so I will not die tonight Told who died, was shot, or another dastardly deed Told I can’t breathe, my ticker’s bad, but they have what I need A plane’s gone missing, a another new […]