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A New Way

  Talk to me; foretell my future Mired ‘neath murky clouds Shades of black and gray No more bright sun Limns the shadow What portends our pretense? Is it more Than happenstance? Will we ever Change the steps Of our fell dance? While peacocks preen Clean each feather Display their plumage For each other In […]

Life Lessons

A fireplace in a solid home, wooden mantle and surround Fluting, details in the wood and built-in shelves either side Mementoes from this life, ancestors, previous generations History contained memories, feeling felt within sentiment Meanings, we understand, more important than money Have more significance than any goods real or imagined Yet, one day these memories […]

Red Shifted

Watching the news last night Noticed something, caused a fright Stories full of depraved, depressing sights Ads for new medicines, so I will not die tonight Told who died, was shot, or another dastardly deed Told I can’t breathe, my ticker’s bad, but they have what I need A plane’s gone missing, a another new […]

Conflict of Interest

We all want it. We all want it all. We do. Do we? Or is that just a story we’ve been repeatedly told? Love, home, family, food, friends no longer hold Enough; fail to comprehend what enough may be New flashy car, a fancy man, a trophy wife to start All the latest apps we […]

Coffee Break’s Over

Thinking about meaning, life, the universe, everything And remembering the question’s answer is forty-two Fun and silly, but, I believe, it may be onto something The one percent, owning most of America, worry, too Statistically I recently heard, that in another sixty years Our wasp majority population figure will have dwindled The exact figure I […]

Never Live In Fear

How will we decide what to do, what to think, what we will think In our world of conflicting opinions, way too much information While we caper and cavort blindfolded, ever so close to the brink Believing we’re so ordinary, nothing extraordinary can be done When actions are performed beyond the pale, it will not […]

So We Pretend

How do we choose all the choices we make From the simplest ones to risks we will take What motivates us to decide what’s our goal Will power, money, love, sex make us whole Are health and happiness the top on our list Or upon a good life of beauty, fame we insist We want […]