Never Live In Fear

A Star is Born

A Star is Born

How will we decide what to do, what to think, what we will think
In our world of conflicting opinions, way too much information
While we caper and cavort blindfolded, ever so close to the brink
Believing we’re so ordinary, nothing extraordinary can be done

When actions are performed beyond the pale, it will not be by us
We have work to be done and bills to be paid, at the very least
How could anyone ever expect us to or make such a loud ruckus
We do, or we might, have children we’d protect from the beast

And, anyway, nothing like what you describe could happen here
We are much too civilized a people to ever think or act that way
Of course, I have noticed the news, all the bigotry hatred and fear
But no one I know is like that, they’ll help hold the specter at bay

Our modern world has grown up so much in the last several years
Sure, there are still a couple of wars fought in some places far away
That, I believe, would not be something that could ever happen here
After all, we are the good guys and we will always win, any, every day

What is that you say, you challenge our status as self-proclaimed
We are the best and the brightest, honest, upright, ever so righteous
Some few have done wrong, but certainly all of us cannot be blamed
Because it appears you would much rather be like us than fight us

Sure, we may swagger around and intrude most anywhere we decide
How could anyone ever call us a bully, since we are there to help out
We are neither shocking or awful, we swear we have nothing to hide
Now you want us to leave and go home, tell me what that is all about

You complain that we use more for our size than we probably should
Dictate to others how they should think and how they should behave
Please, cut us some slack; our motives are always nothing but good
Our government tells us our job must be the rest of the world to save

How could anyone possibly be happy, living in the way that they do
You would think a few thousand years would have taught them truth
We hadn’t even been independently constituted; still we already knew
Ours is the only correct way to live, just as it has been since our youth

Yet, believe me, that is what each and every nation has always believed
Theirs was the only just cause, even if no one understood their reasons
No matter the people hurt and killed, no matter how truly ill-conceived
Devastation and destruction wrought will last through the years’ seasons

Yet so many ordinary people left behind, who cower and shiver in fear
Keep their eyes lowered, their heads down and hide, hoping not to be seen
So these small folk like you and like me, we must rise up, say we are here
Struggling to save one small hope, bravely, righteously, from the machine

Conquerors seek to destroy hope; this mighty seed which is so hard to kill
Because even the smallest speck, anywhere, can grow, spread and thrive
Yet just like one small flame, when lit in a mighty wind or when it is still
Still must be most carefully tended and watched if we hope to keep it alive

Both fire and hope are essential for our continuing existence here on Earth
Each helps us, shelters us and allows us time needed to dream and to grow
Without them, there might as well and might well never again be a birth
Cold reigns as our poor world slows, darkness and misery all that we know

So let us all rise up, ignite, bright flames to illuminate the tomb-black sky
Each light shines as hope and brings warmth to gather us all together here
All our days lived in earnest, fully present, as we always and never ask why
Knowing the thing we must never think, must never do is, never live in fear


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