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Always Choose

~~~~~ Would that it be so, that we could redream our world in sleep. Though, I suppose, we must decide are we butterfly or human? Dreams are the seeds of change and hope; is it too great a leap? I shall wonder, write, share this vision, at least that is my plan. I will live […]

If We Give

~~~~~ When in doubt, I find it is better to whisper than to shout, Not knowing what life’s about, may lead to our final rout. Though, if we don’t dispute, we might learn another route. Distribute the ill-gotten loot, make it better for all, to boot. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is […]

What We Always Knew

~~~~~  “How can I move forward, when I don’t know which way I’m facing?” John Lennon These words, so true, set my heart racing. With all I’ve learned, know how to do, and cool and useful stuff I can make, why never have I felt comfortable with life, or even the direction I should take? […]

Paranoia Will Destroya

~~~~~ Strange, disturbing and unnatural, the sight I witnessed earlier today, two people, women, sitting outside, talking in the old-fashioned way. No phones, smart or dumb, no tablets, no pads, no games, no e-readers, could I detect anywhere. Should I go and warn our fear-filled leaders? Anyone not plugged in twenty hours per day might miss […]

Along Your Merry Way

~~~~~ In the deepest darkest depths of night, when all your thoughts shriek danger, fright. When evil looms within your sight, Dawn will come. When wicked winter winds into your marrow bite, storm-dark clouds bring sleet, snow, ice, till you can’t fight, and every day you live feels black as night, Spring will come. When […]

Want Vs. Care

~~~~~ For want of a seed, the shoot was lost. For want of a shoot, the plant was lost. For want of a plant, the flower was lost. For want of a flower, the bee was lost. For want of a bee, the plant was lost. For want of a plant, the food was lost. […]

Beautiful Dreamers

  ~~~~~ Are you liberal, conservative, radical, stoic, centrist, anarchist, green? You can fill in the blanks I’ve missed. Maybe you want to bring back the Wobblies or worship the sun. What you label yourself is much less important than what you believe. Can you tell me why you believe, what you believe and why […]