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Temporal Expense

Temporal Expense ~~~~~ Do we now, Muddled men, Fetished females, Spend time Like bits of metal, Paper, information, To prove We are living. Collected, reflected, Twittering birds Speaking, seeking, Connection, Within Books of faces, Without Recognition. Incomplete meaning, Distant acquaintances, Lost friends. Some remembered, Many forgotten Or never met Face to face, Impersonal, Person-to-person call. […]

A Plus ~ 2018 — Now We Wait ~ 2020

A Plus ~ 2018 — Now We Wait ~ 2020 ~~~~~ A Plus ~ 2018 Life, I know, is what we make it, Though mostly we let it make us. So busy we can never stop to sit. Think each bit we acquire a plus. Now We Wait ~ 2020 Now we wait, shelter; we […]

Would Our Weary World?

Would Our Weary World? ~~~~~ Under the spell of the softly falling rain, It’s gentle dance outside my window. Listening as I lie abed, waking from a nap. The mist rises to hide the nearby hills, Like they have been taken to be washed. When next I see these hills peeking out They should sparkle […]

What Do We Fear?

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ What Do We Fear? ~~~~~ 4 Questions Concerning the Fate of Humanity, in the Midst of Global Pandemic It is not a question of who we have been or even who we are now. It’s a question of who we become. More […]

Will We Learn?

Will We Learn? ~~~~~ What will we learn during our shelter at home? By the thousands, millions, urged not to roam. Will we learn to panic, will we fight, grab all? Whether needed or not; we’re willing to brawl. Will we learn to share and care for each other; Learn to hate, because that’s what […]

Over Time Goodbye

Over Time Goodbye ~~~~~ To all the hucksters, hoaxers, and conspiracy theorists, And your lying claim that this pandemic does not exist; All the businesses, leaders, authorities and the fools who Yell, buildings, streets of all towns you would keep full; I urge and exhort you ramp it up, the lies that you spew, Until, […]

Do You Surmise?

Do You Surmise? ~~~~~ I get so very few likes or comments. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I know I will sound weak if I lament; Not for satire, opinion, short or long. I realize all of my verses are not gems. I am sure that some stink up the joint, Still, I […]


Begin ~~~~~ Whether we dream to sail the seas of Earth or space, We till the earth of soil, The soil of flesh. We are, forever, Planting Seeds At home or in distant lands. Sunlight and water, Love and nurture All we need To again Begin The race. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, […]

Not Mary

Not Mary ~~~~~ Not Mary, knew she didn’t understand, had never understood, As a small girl rolling down a hill, As an old woman rolled into the hall, Why she had been born Into the wrong time, far too soon. She had always tried incredibly hard to be especially good. The nightingale sings down the […]

Can You Tell Me?

Can You Tell Me? ~~~~~ How can we in any way feel proud Of the genocide of one people and The enslavement of another people? Both groups represent many tribes. As we all do, though we name them Other, nations, lands, areas or clans. Yet, all of us people before any other Thought, consideration, name, […]