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Our Need to Fill

Our Need to Fill ~~~~~ All the things we know about the world, which make us feel superior. Lies, omissions shout- ed as truth, half-truth, we steal, or our own. How stupid we are. Decisions we make which lead to fortune and or disaster’s mar in inexorable, ponderous speed, fast; we should not blink. Still, […]


Anywhere ~~~~~ This was somebody’s plan for our future, new homes full of new, smiling people. Happy folks, without care; I can’t find ‘em anywhere. This grim portrait is of the middleclass, not home alas. I look around, folk I knew, think it might be me or you. Think we’re gone for good. ~~~~~ Peace […]

All, Together

All, Together ~~~~~ I have shown you wonders beyond imagination, revealed to you the smallest parts of my being. I find you within me, yet, you don’t understand languages to, of creation too gross and too subtle to speak to you. I will guide a minor poet’s hand. I am every drop of water and […]

I Wonder?

I Wonder? ~~~~~ What would I do with me, without you? Do any of us know what might be true? More than I was, less than I have been, A piece of me missing, no nib in my pen. scratching at life, yet, leaving no mark, like rubbing two sticks without a spark. Words are […]

Cannot Respond

Cannot Respond ~~~~~ Have you noticed the oldest and youngest fall in love with other; it’s a special bond? Both have freedom to play, not pass a test; social rules block us, so we cannot respond. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and […]

Time Alone

Time Alone ~~~~~ Are we contemplating our days of future past? Do we think anyone may remember us at last? Study us, analyze where, when, why we ended, find out how we died, greatness we pretended. Will they applaud us, the sun, moon and stars. view us like the finest horses, fastest race cars? Discard […]

Into a Ball

Into a Ball ~~~~~ I know I want to always be clever or, at least, I want to appear to be. Not solely here, in every endeavor. wisdom over smarts, at least for me. I know, time tells what was thought of what I offered and I left behind. Won’t matter what I made, bought; […]