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Taking Flight

Taking Flight ~~~~~ It’s so late at night, it has become very early morning Yet, here I lie, brain roiled in riot, with unclean hands. Creating, too long awake, intent; I should be snoring. Time it is, passing; I seized uncharted, unnamed lands. Until a nascent answer lives, I shall not cringe nor beg. Review, […]

Forget How We Remember

Forget How We Remember Variations on a theme by Shane Koyczan ~~~~~ Forget how we remember. Forget the games we played in May that should not be played in December, Since each bullet shot comes from a bigger gun And we always keep them loaded just in case. We court each human with enmity and […]

Express Me

Express Me ~~~~~ Art must be thrown ahead of what is happening now, like a quarterback’s pass must be thrown to where a receiver will be, not where they were when the pass was thrown. Similarly, I must decide what art is for me, besides pretty pictures. What appeals to me, mostly isn’t typical, but […]

Different Words

Different Words ~~~~~ At the end of yet another day miles and miles away from home. I wonder what’s true, that I have to say. Do I find new vistas, when I roam? Is it but a different view of life, like I stepped sideways, turned my head? My balance point, the edge of a […]

Near Maverick’s Beach

Near Maverick’s Beach ~~~~~ Sitting near the breakwater, listening to someone’s music, the gentle murmurs of waves. They build into my attention, crashing slowly on the strand, sea-walls ebb in slow-motion. A seal barks, its own reason, Foghorn moans alarm, each ten seconds; a private plane turns, angling to set-down at the airport on down […]

Miracle of Grass

Miracle of Grass ~~~~~ Genius is found, pervades all creation, In galaxy, star, planet, land and nation. I will provide you a simple explanation, Awareness and miracles in combination. Miracle of grass, each life in its season. Erase our tawdry philosophic treason, Despite what any programmer keys in. Confusion, idea with reality, the reason. ~~~~~ […]

Yearning and Reaping

Yearning and Reaping ~~~~~ Life, our mystery, our sorrow and our joy, today only. We can neither live in the past, nor predict the future, no matter how much we yearn. Whether we are single or joined, guardians of children or only ourselves and each other, we all travel together. Our ship will not sail, […]