Reminding Us to Remember

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

Going in, Leading Out ~ Philip Brent Harris

Going in, Leading Out ~ Philip Brent Harris


Are you able to read the signs?
The ones which are written
and those which are not?
The ones engraved on the past,
those noticed or ignored now.
What of those carried on the wind,
waves from the near or distant future?

Are you aware of the static, the chaff
Broadcast each moment of the day?
Corporate taggers and liars
shilling anything to distract us?
Government grifters, those who aspire
who would keep us nonplussed.
All to cloud our daily view.

When did we enter this age
of forgetting, constant obfuscation?
Native knowledge, salient thought
driven by and to ultimate inanity.
Until all we might understand
is hurled deep into darkness,
buried beneath ignorance, detritus.

Will we recover, given time,
if our ancient teachers, sight return?
Have the old ways vanished?
Not prehistory or post-apocalypse
but the stars and the dawn.
Paths, which lead us deeper within
ourselves, reminding us to remember.

Dreamtime arriving and receding
not only at night, but also at noon.
Found inside on arcane paths hidden
by Stygian umbra, leading to illumination.
How can we fear the night
After we have witnessed the stars?
Know we cannot ever be alone.

For all of our beliefs and gods
and all we have invented or will
how can we be certain of any?
You tell me, your god alone rules.
I say my deity, deities are superior.
Or I scandalize both, believe in no god,
understanding we may all be wrong.

We may, of course, all be correct.
I am in no way certain sure.
I know all our sound and fury
serve as nothing but to obscure.
Unless we are willing to pause, wait,
decide if there’s time for life in peace,
or will we live forever in noise and war.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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