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As Every Parent

~~~~~ What have I to offer you that no one has ever thought of? The truth we know, says nothing, and it hardly even matters. Each new day bring fresh vision, as all babies’ first cries echo every sunrise we have known, yet they speak a language death understands. Hope tells us to hold on, […]

Not As Ourselves

~~~~~ What rituals do we retain from ancient times? Primordial, primitive, leaving faint trace, no memory. When each morning the sun rising was pure magic, The setting called forth darkness, a time of fear. We have misplaced the magic, retained our night terror. Magic not lost entirely, yet glimpsed now only in our creation From […]

Beside Me

~~~~~ They said, “How far is lonesome?” That was the question they asked. And, I realized, I did not know. My life has been filled with love. Yet, some people live with people, Family, friends, others, but alone. Can you answer this question? I wonder, as I ponder this and, I believe, perhaps, I do […]

Tail of the Worm

~~~~~ Beneath the surface of the shadow, Live the voices, Who listen to the voices. Ordinary people Acting in extraordinary ways. An unexamined life, Ancient wisdom cautions, Is not worth living. Or is it, An uncommitted life denies scrutiny? To fully live Requires a willingness to pay, Pay a price, bear a burden, be brave. […]

Power of Words and Art

~~~~~ Words, art, music, dance are powerful. They can create worlds, feelings,. truth. They allow us live other lives, in places We might never know or imagine and, Have the ability to change the world. While science helps us to understand, And so manipulate forces we cannot Completely control or comprehend. Yet still we play […]

How Foolish We’ve Become

~~~~~ He walked through town, Late one afternoon, Wearing a Cheshire smile. I asked him, “why?” And he said, “Come walk with me awhile.” We walked on, Looking for a dark street, A lawn, an open field, Somewhere we could stand Or sit, or lie. Manufactured light, Obscured, occulted, A  phrase turned oddly, I thought; […]

This Property Condemned

~~~~~ It was the third house on a far block Framed-up on a little dead-end street We thought it was ours, but no lock Just being built and almost complete Still, we went and talked to the owner Who allowed that he’d built it for us Refusal would have been such a boner We said […]