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Only Who I Am

People Over Politics, Survival Over Surrender, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Words, for me, wind down My art draws me, to paint All my words, all the words Any language, form, intent Incomplete to curry change Still I grasp I’ll persist, scribbling Verses, essays, stories, more Offering vision, being, truth My truth, which the universe Fills […]

Make It So

Make It So ~~~~~ In this frightening, contentious time of pandemic, sheltering at home as nearly as we can, we have the time to think about how we have spent our days until now. We have time to pursue thoughts of the dreams we held for our life before reality moved in to stay. In […]

Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination ~~~~~ A thought occurred to me and I’d like to get it straight, All beings, high or low, saint or sinner, all eliminate. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think. See more of my […]

Buy and Bye

Buy and Bye ~~~~~ Can you tell us of days, our future cast How we fared and how long did we last Not really important in the grand scheme Everything changes; whimper or scream All of our glories and all of our horrors Blink of an eye; so much less than hours We all think […]

Will We Learn?

Will We Learn? ~~~~~ What will we learn during our shelter at home? By the thousands, millions, urged not to roam. Will we learn to panic, will we fight, grab all? Whether needed or not; we’re willing to brawl. Will we learn to share and care for each other; Learn to hate, because that’s what […]

Not a Secret

Not a Secret ~~~~~ I accept my death, though I am not ready to go. That will not matter, if my time ceases to flow. We are all seeking balance, day and the night; End the beginning, despite how we may fight. We shouldn’t act foolishly, courting the reaper. No matter your plans, you may […]


Canvassing ~~~~~ Many think we come into the world tabula rasa. I believe slate is not blank, it is a white canvas. White looks quite stark, contains all the colors, Throughout life, we scrape off some, add others. Painted canvas, like puzzle pieces, fill in life’s tale; No matter where we start or end, it’s […]

Not by Choice

Not by Choice ~~~~~ O, how strange, the quiet world around, Folks wearing masks as if going to a ball. A boring ball, same masks what’s found; Your date may leave in the evening’s pall. The gathering of the magpies and ravens Tweet testily over who controls the purse. I root for any giving small […]

Over Time Goodbye

Over Time Goodbye ~~~~~ To all the hucksters, hoaxers, and conspiracy theorists, And your lying claim that this pandemic does not exist; All the businesses, leaders, authorities and the fools who Yell, buildings, streets of all towns you would keep full; I urge and exhort you ramp it up, the lies that you spew, Until, […]

Sorrow and Mirth

Sorrow and Mirth ~~~~~ Watching the gray, the white, a patch of blue. Sky rapidly filling with rain-pregnant clouds, Calls to mind a thousand things, old and new, Fantastic creatures to mountains and shrouds. When the clouds begin to darken till rain falls, Looks like pulling down a black, funereal veil. From inside me, the […]