Sarabande for Missing Magic, Redux

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

On the Road to Paradise ~ Philip Brent Harris

On the Road to Paradise ~ Philip Brent Harris


Missing magic, miracles all vanished, hidden from everyone.
From vast spaces gone. Into unseen minuscule interstices,
between atoms disappeared. Despite clues, maps and legends,
whispered rumors, whereabouts remained unknown

Some mounted quests. Heroes came forth. Solo adventurers,
robber’s trusts, fellowships. All trekked far, endured miles uncounted.
Summits scaled, storm-wracked seas sailed, searing deserts searched.
They battled mightily and long until broken their journeys all in vain.

Others searched. Beggars, vagabonds, gypsy princes, fisher kings,
false prophets, innocent children, pure of heart, fat cats, lay-abouts
found nothing, false treasure, gilded lilies. No matter
what they said.  They found no sign of any missing magic.

Liars proclaimed their success. Their lying lips crimson with failure.
Quest and reward twisted until unrecognizable. The truth hidden
inside banker’s boxes, church offerings, shelters, soup kitchens,
Gifts given and received. Any place least expected.

Almost no one knew, remembered. Almost everyone yearned.
Because life felt empty. Imposters promised reasons, riches,
relief, relaxation. Their lying lips crimson with failure.
Our world and life distorted, unrecognizable, nothing filled.

Our empty spaces vast inside, utterly alone, unknown.
We wandered, wondered what if we found our missing part?
Where could we, would we fit it in glutted lives ransomed to
life’s useless detritus? Why we must run full-tilt chaos?

We could not keep up or catch up, apprehend or comprehend
that these imposters and their promises were our lack.
Our longing became hidden, hollow, lost, forgotten, except
by ignored people called losers, suckers, lack wits, worse.

Dreamers all, who still sought to fill empty places within
them, our world. Mysteriously morsels of magic materialized.
Shining forth in a disregarded artist’s paintings. “He’s mad,”
they said to any who noticed. They sneered, “you must ignore him.”

And yet glimpses appeared in a sonata hidden in the future,
a Sarabande, lost in space and time. A buried sculpture
Unearthed the magic. A comic strip laughed the magic
A rap song roused the magic. A play acted the magic.
An aria sang the magic. Graffitied walls painted the magic

Everywhere, crimson lips failed to smother it. They battled magic
Mightily and long, until broken, their efforts all in vain.
We will thus succeed despite what you have been told.

Because first one, then another, realize nothing need be realized.
What we denigrated, ignored, feared, lost, need only be seen.
Stars blaze brightly after the storm has cleared the air. Possibilities
inspired, brought to light our world entire, our very being.

Magically miraculous, miraculously magical, if only, if only,
if only. Still, so few, when they look, can finally see, are
willing to share, to call for balance, seek sanity, question quarrels.
Do you understand our challenge? Do you recognize the truth?

All equal all. Myriad aspects. Multiple faces in different places.
Intelligence is not enough. Language alone cannot communicate.
Hubris harbors destruction. Blind belief only alienates acceptance.
We must remove the masks we wear to run our daily gauntlet.

Test and trial, win or lose, until we stop exhausted, drop,
Lie upon the ground and perceive our world all around.
Realize that what we see was, is, and has always been
Miraculous and magical, exactly where we belong.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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