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Ever Shifting Terrain

Just Hanging ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ The sweet trilling of the flowers, baritone voices from an old grove. Neighbors for thousands of years find new sympathies to share or embellish the same stories, again, old conflicts in different ways than on myriad other days, other years. Bees buzz between boles, intent upon the bright […]

Screams. Wake Up!

~~~~~ Slowly and surely, softly and silently the unexpected creeps in. Shhhhh. Until it whacks us upside the head, screams, “Wake Up,!” until we do. (to be cont.) ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~ See more of my […]


~~~~~ A Rapid Meditation on Ives Trio for Piano, Cello and Violin Where Did That Come From The way in life we come together, walk side-by-side and harmonize. Go our separate ways, rehearing The musical influences we shared. Will we muse on it from then on? Think it but a passing fancy, soon forgotten. Distant […]

Poets May

~~~~~ Poets may have no shame, yet it may beset their mind. Not many can expect fame. A few, plus some by dying. No shame will tell the truth: Cannot control their words, in their age or in their youth. Canary in a mine, other birds. Whether they whisper, shout Likely lost, left upon a […]

More Than

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Hanging Out 20-21 ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ How will we ever know what is rightDespite what all hierophants preach?How’ll we keep our fiery hope alight?Our answer’s unknown, but we reach. If a word, god, didn’t exist, now, everI cannot imagine the need to coin one.I been proven wrong, […]

Silence is More

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Waiting for my party to gather around. Watching as the line crawls forward. Reading of a man seeking for no sound Positing silence is more than its own reward. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment  Unite the World! ~~~~~ Please, leave […]

Isn’t Up to Me

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ I tell you I have no time for art although, I seem to find a way to pass my studio; I stay away. When I go, I’m overwhelmed. Too much mess to contemplate. So, what exactly is the question? Is it why I don’t make it priority if […]

Sarabande for Missing Magic, Redux

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Missing magic, miracles all vanished, hidden from everyone. From vast spaces gone. Into unseen minuscule interstices, between atoms disappeared. Despite clues, maps and legends, whispered rumors, whereabouts remained unknown Some mounted quests. Heroes came forth. Solo adventurers, robber’s trusts, fellowships. All trekked far, endured miles uncounted. Summits scaled, […]

In Their Season

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ The fog dampens the sound and the ground Shortens our view while hiding the familiar. Boats, rocks, headlands vanish and reappear Where they’re expected but also unexpected. Waves murmur and mumble along the shore. We stand up from a bench, brief rest behind. Walking, to return to where […]

Our Daily Walks

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ A deep red river of tiny flowers Meanders across a verdant green field. Lush mustard blooms border its abstract banks. Their bold yellow blossoms are interspersed With wild radish in a pink, white, lavender profusion with their singular attraction. Smaller plants with deep purple and saffron flowers, the […]