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Peeking Through Time and Space ~ Philip Brent Harris

Peeking Through Time and Space ~ Philip Brent Harris


I tell you I have no time for art
although, I seem to find a way
to pass my studio; I stay away.
When I go, I’m overwhelmed.
Too much mess to contemplate.

So, what exactly is the question?
Is it why I don’t make it priority
if the pandemic can be blamed?
I had all the time I needed, home.
Is my question why find excuses?
That is not the same as one above.

It’s my art, my life, my creativity.
Why must I see this as a problem?
Can’t I say, I’m not painting now?
When I return to it, I will make art.
Maybe it’s like fields lying fallow.
I rest my soil, my ground of being.

I get so lost in the drama and pain
of this fragile carapace holding me
forgetting this body’s just on loan.
All of us must be returned, will be.
Due or feeling overdue, remember
love. Which I’ve had in abundance.

Be aware, for no apparent reason,
we inflict pain, harming ourselves
sentencing us to sad and petty lives
where we hate, kill, die, out of fear.
We fear our future disincorporation.
When this life ceases unto other life.

Will it be bad to become soil itself,
nourishing worms, collecting rain?
Worms to other small lives to come.
I’d like to grow as a flower or a tree.
Or food consumed to nourish others.
And the choice is and isn’t up to me.

All to see our spirit chooses its time.
My current being may get in the way.
Not possible, but hubris says it might.
Making art or not up to the me within.
The frustrations of my body and brain
telling me I am not yet ready to begin.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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