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So Little Has Changed ~ Verse II

from the collected writings of Phileas the Lesser ~~~~~ Remember each number is someone’s mother, son, father, daughter, aunt, uncle and, it may be anyone. Rich or poor, special on either end of the spectrum, you can be shot by a gun, dove, hawk, smart, dumb. In or from an ivory tower its fiery wrath […]

Don’t You Know

~~~~~ All our symbols of success and failure are much more than they might appear. Still,  they may not be what you think, paper, metal bits, a conspirator’s wink. If you are rich, you believe I am wrong. all your wants, needs met, a happy song. If you’re poor, you’re certain I am right, chance […]


~~~~~ Once more into the breech, believing that everything is within my reach. I can laugh, dance and sing. It will all be rooster’s crow, saying that I am here. While I am sure you know, I wanted to be perfectly clear. A song I know has a line, how we all feel a little […]

When Air Becomes Breath

~~~~~ In the beginning, though completely unaware, a woman’s body breathes a quickened zygote. Not the woman nor the potential know, care, because unknown, potential is all they’ve got. Later, when both grow and become conscious of the world and each other, in their own way. After months, as potential molded out of dust, grows, […]

Who Calls the Tune?

~~~~~ Regardless how brilliant, how noble I believe my thought Scorning how gracious, how grand I envision my dreams Futility wraps them up, a cerement, as small minds  plot Hate, fear, want, and murder shape their selfish schemes I understand I can change the world, if just my little corner So I strive to add […]

Always Choose

~~~~~ Would that it be so, that we could redream our world in sleep. Though, I suppose, we must decide are we butterfly or human? Dreams are the seeds of change and hope; is it too great a leap? I shall wonder, write, share this vision, at least that is my plan. I will live […]

Who, Me?

 ~~~~~ Who are the people who weather life undaunted, who face a multitude of trials, choices, we all do, who time in life leave battered, bruised, haunted, who rise again, see their vision, follow through? ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let […]