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~~~~~ Found Verbiage Free Verse Exploring what haiku, poems and stories can be garnered from the headlines, sub-heads and captions (the bold-faced type) in my local daily newspaper, I began to wonder what this says about our existence at this moment in time. Like snapshots, capturing images, emotions, our greater story expressed in our headlines. […]

If We Dare

If We Dare ~~~~~ O, what a strange dream we all share, Yet, now feels more like a nightmare. Won’t change with thought or prayer; We can act and improve it, if we dare. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me […]

What Do We Fear?

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ What Do We Fear? ~~~~~ 4 Questions Concerning the Fate of Humanity, in the Midst of Global Pandemic It is not a question of who we have been or even who we are now. It’s a question of who we become. More […]

Lies Are Poison

Lies Are Poison ~~~~~ I need to sit upon the shore, And watch the mighty ocean. May be soft, a cradle rocking, As violent as any explosion. Remind myself there is more And odder than I’ve a notion, Beside what they’re hawking. Because their lies are poison. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity […]

Over Time Goodbye

Over Time Goodbye ~~~~~ To all the hucksters, hoaxers, and conspiracy theorists, And your lying claim that this pandemic does not exist; All the businesses, leaders, authorities and the fools who Yell, buildings, streets of all towns you would keep full; I urge and exhort you ramp it up, the lies that you spew, Until, […]


Quarantine ~~~~~ As we sit a home and bide our sweet time, Hope we and ours come out the other side. Hording is no more safe than eating dimes; Won’t heal you nor slow pace of time, tide. By all means, I say, be careful as you can. Don’t stroll on busy roads, lick live […]

A Tree Grows in Sagittarius

A Tree Grows in Sagittarius ~~~~~ Listen now, with me, to the music Which flows through me, moves me Like wind through trees, moving leaves Which shows me my way home. Let us watch, strolling together, down the lane, Dark windows spring to light as we pass, Like the magic of lightning bugs on a […]

If I Could

If I Could ~~~~~ If I could see through all time, Identify when I fall or I climb, Abandon it, no reason, rhyme, Would I live my life sublime? If I could travel across space, And find and visit every place, Memorize so I can’t misplace, Will I ken reality is not a race? If […]

Children All

Children All ~~~~~ All poems are poems for children, Whatever we think they’re about. Children all are born to be poets, Dream alive a mother’s heartbeat. Until they’re lost to ones, naughts. Percussive, staccato rhythms that Write verse about shoulds, oughts, Starve us with the feckless bounty, Our personal flickering blue idols. We, who write, […]

In the Meantime

In the Meantime ~~~~~ I will write you a masterful painting; And paint you a most intriguing story. I will crawl till I walk, walk till I run. Yet, at times, I can’t what it’s for see. How could I know; where could I go? I have so little to be where I’ve been. When […]