Blue Notes ~ Philip Brent Harris

Blue Notes ~ Philip Brent Harris


A Rapid Meditation on Ives Trio for Piano, Cello and Violin

Where Did That Come From

The way in life we come together,
walk side-by-side and harmonize.
Go our separate ways, rehearing
The musical influences we shared.

Will we muse on it from then on?
Think it but a passing fancy, soon
forgotten. Distant memory only,
that, some odd time in the future
we recall with surprise, nostalgia,
or puzzlement. Most likely think,
where in hell did that come from?

(This Verse is Nonsense)

Let us dance and sing like cows.
Like the ones we see in cartoons.
Still, life can become so serious,
on memories of the familiar. But
are they from the past or future?
Madness, till my head explodes.
Mary had a little lamb, that she
ate for lunch. Mint sauce, extra.

How I dash away, rush and fly.
Yet, my wings are supposition.
Sometimes lifting me aloft, so
I may be shot down by cretins
who might never comprehend
my genius greater than hubris.
I pause. Reverse that. So much
Ovaltine, with so little in milk.

Why It Does and Should

Time and the heavy crescendo
sliding into a languorous largo,
I feel all the losses I’ve known.
Though I no longer know them,
a solitary tear sits on my cheek
Tasting of cheap glass or tattoo
Scarlet and heartfelt as only you
all alone could do. Or to be silly,
Brings a smile, makes me laugh.

Even though my hurts, losses
are lessons and help me grow,
I ponder plaintive reminders,
the pains we suffered, shared.
Still, joys cannot be forgotten.

Raised on religion to believe,
till we believe there’s nothing
and there’s nobody to believe
in. We still hear the echoes of
life, lives rolling back in time.

We’ve already taken this road,
ones much like it, as ourselves,
as each other, as others, paths
and beings. until we discover,
know what  it is we’re seeing.

Do you believe me? Have you
any way you may tell, if I tell,
complete truth or lie? Will you
understand me, guess or know
my reasons? Why I change my
my way, my tune, my opinion,
my bearing and my very being.
However impossible that may
be or seem, I return, recognize
myself in the world around me.
Recollect the way I lost it, why
it does and should astound me.
Like hearing an old-time hymn
and understanding its music is
and stands alone, connected to
me, to all things. Rock of Ages
as the words proclaim. Still, do
you know what it is they mean?


People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,

Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

Unite the World!


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Blue Notes ~ Philip Brent Harris

Blue Notes ~ Philip Brent Harris

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