New Molds to be Broken

The Rising of the Moon ~ Philip Brent Harris

Rising of the Moon ~ Philip Brent Harris


Flow through me like a river
from the tiny spring where you begin.
Above the lakes and streams watch
dragonflies and damselflies hover
in an everlasting dance of movement.
Iridescent colors where no pigment exists,
show how movement exposes more
than life alone may ever truly be.
Teaching us our existence is but one
modality among a myriad which
we may find or never even imagine,
let alone begin to comprehend.

Save praise for the mystics, the shamans,
the wise women, hagia Sophia.
The artists, writers, dancers, innovators who
reflect for us other ways of being,seeing.
All who create or destroy, balancing
essences that engender, expose beauty,
majesty, truth and wisdom, seemingly
from whole cloth. Woven and cut
into patterns we have never seen
combined, recombined and unveiled
for us using all the same ingredients
in new, remarkable ways as if magic.

Can you, will you accept that
this may, might happen to you?
It has happened to others, both
as muse and the ones they gift.
Our rules of existence, acceptance passed
fathers to sons and mothers to daughters
even when this is travesty and
creates tragedy, repeating forever.
Everywhere and for everyone
within their own traditions.


the instant a fresh combination
of marks, notes, words, elements alters
our perception, opening our being
and our sight to recognize vistas
we believed we always already perceived

Hear the knell of change resonate from afar
till it shatters the mold, the mood of what
appears to have always been before.
It spawns a transformed vision of being,
a metamorphosis revealing glorious possibilities
which become accepted, habits, traditions.
Poured into new molds to be broken.


People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,

Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

Unite the World!


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The Rising of the Moon ~ Philip Brent Harris

Rising of the Moon ~ Philip Brent Harris

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