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Are Men Nuts?

The subjugation of women drives me nuts Just because men fear empowered women Keep women down, no ifs or ands or buts Threatened, if women don’t bow to them I mean, men haven’t done a great job so far Trashed the planet like at a crazy frat party Play with guns, rape, murder, start new […]

On the Home Front

We brand ourselves, the land of the brave and home of the free So proud, as we ignore our own ignorance, hatred and, bigotry Decrying machine-gun maniacs, who murder on bloody sprees While we’re Earth’s premiere purveyor of advanced weaponry So righteous, the people who slander one who’d help by decree Nor would it matter […]

 World Out of Balance

I have heard, I have the same amount of time As all of those famous folks who came before That handful celebrated in prose and rhyme Why then do I feel stressed down to my core Our world is faster paced than prior folk faced Not better, not worse, necessarily, but changed I’m sure for […]

#Slipping Points

I. The Most Addictive Drug What is, do you think, the most addictive drug If I suggest possibilities, you may nod or shrug It is neither heroine nor is it prevalent nicotine It’s something that makes us act more obscene What, you say? You believe it is crack cocaine By comparison to this, we would […]

#Je Vous Suis

Radio crooned, what if god were one of us? A question an almost recent pop song asked It makes me wonder, what if god is all of us? And we fail to notice, since we all go masked Still, we tell ourselves that we know the truth Everybody else is only playing make-believe But don’t […]

In Lockstep

Channeling thought, Flailing, feeling Art and music Each life opera, rock Country, blues Singing the universe Everywhere rhythms Love, laughter Anger, frustration, Failure turned to death Overshadowing hope, Joy, birth, union In brutality steeped, Insecurity sublimated Through violence News, games, murder, Terror and suicide We use guns To hide our fear Brandish them, Fire them, […]

Unknown Wisdom

When children regard war and terror as normal Films, television, video games just the siren’s call Can we wonder how fucked-up our life’s become Reality a child dismembered by a roadside bomb So grab your toys, run away, find a place to hide No help, as down the razor-blade of life we slide Our mad […]