A Fistful of Five

Rainbow Dove Flies Into the Night ~ Philip Brent

Rainbow Dove Flies Into the Night ~ Philip Brent

For those in need at home and abroad

How can you believe that any of that’s healthy
Because it was given me by someone wealthy
Even so, you have no idea where it has been
Besides, it’s not like you were given it by kin

Why must you always be so nasty, so negative
It’s for our own good, will free us, help us live
Who are they to say what is good for you, me
They care for us; I’m shocked you cannot see

Why don’t we ask, I’m sure they will say true
How naïve, were you hit on the head at two
You’ll never find out; must you talk that way
Here, let’s ask them to see what they will say

I can see, but I also hear what they don’t say
Don’t you realize, they keep the wolf at bay
We are good guys, you should want to listen
Please, we care deeply, see our eyes  glisten

Crocodile tears; don’t claim it’s not about you
Know what you say is not always what you do
Please, leave us alone, go away and stay there
Any good intentions, are negated by your care

No one likes us, though all we’ve done is good
What have we done that put you in this mood
All you’ve done is one for us and two for you
With help like yours, we’ll take nothing in lieu

So to finish, could you just leave and stay away
When you get it together, come again one day
Just do not ever tell us how we’ll live our lives
Ignore us or we’ll hit you with a fistful of five

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