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Entropy Increases, Ya Boy Howdy

~~~~~ Why don’t they come haul his ass away? He gets crazier with everything he say. He lives for himself, all alone in his own head. It wouldn’t matter if we all dropped dead. He never ever does the things he oughta. Though I’m sure he would hug his daughter. He’s a senile, demented nut […]


IMMODEST PROPOSAL   ~~~~~ I have vowed to mark this tragic date by offering my Immodest Proposal until we come to our senses regarding gun violence. Unfortunately, I may have to post this the rest of my life.   An IMMODEST PROPOSAL   For Preventing the Poor Children of the People of the United States of America From Being […]

Small and Petty

Small and Petty ~~~~~ Find, for me, a small and petty god. One grown right from my local sod. Who, as me, thinks, acts and looks. Who can be branded by the books. A proper deity, for me, should sate The horded hunger I have for hate. Teach spare the rod, spoil the child, Make […]

Sad to Report

Sad to Report ~~~~~ It is time to put people over politics, country over capitulation and world over wealth. ~~~~~ Like the narcissistic needs of a reborn Christian’s god, Donald Trump requires constant praise and adoration. It doesn’t even matter that he got the presidential nod, he’ll say, do and promise anything for your adulation. […]

We Would Rather

We Would Rather ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ We might walk in beauty but are the night, because, we would rather kill each other. We listen to those who preach peace and love. We would rather kill each other. We are taught to love our neighbors […]

Ask Only One Question

~~~~~ Give me now the cheerfulness and fearlessness of our youth, Back when we knew they were our lives, embodied our truth. Towels we used to make super hero capes with paper masks; Innocence our strength to conquer all our Sisyphithian tasks. Heroes all, though one day as Indians, the next day cowboys. Imagination’s fires […]

I Choose Peace

~~~~~ When in our life we reach an age, a need, a trial, a test, the razor’s edge, Delving deeper, pondering, reflecting, remembering, planning, hoping Denying, angry, we bargain, we grieve while craving peace, acceptance Until we understand acceptance is a choice, with nothing and much to say I wonder the reason for my being, […]

In the Key of E – Energy

~~~~~ Sad to say, you’ll wonder, the prince of darkness has lost his place The world outside informs me the king of darkness wears that face Or is it only me who is lost, despite the daily horrors we are shown Only me and only I who believes that humanity’s sanity has flown Choices and […]

A dichotomy of dark and light where the colors seem unable to meet, though uA dichotomy of dark and light where the colors seem unable to meet, though ultimately they are all the same.

Because We Have Not Stopped A Poet’s Words with Poets’ Words

~~~~~ When many commit cruel murder, macho maniacs brutally rape, mad hermits dream and decimate, Then, will we need to know where the sidewalk ends, where a phenomenal woman’s secrets lie? While daily tribunes trumpet madness, feasts of destruction, humanity the savage, ravenous beast, Will it matter if we take the road less traveled,if we […]

The Crying of Hat 10 1/2

~~~~~ Events in life happen when they must; A meaningless assertion at its very best. Events in life do happen when they do, So, they must happen when they must. This tautological sophistry oft repeated Is proclaimed to proclaim proclamation. Proving nothing can only prove nothing. There is nowhere to go from this point. Therefore, […]