The Crying of Hat 10 1/2

                            Birth of Possibility ~ Philip Brent Harris


Events in life happen when they must;
A meaningless assertion at its very best.
Events in life do happen when they do,
So, they must happen when they must.

This tautological sophistry oft repeated
Is proclaimed to proclaim proclamation.
Proving nothing can only prove nothing.
There is nowhere to go from this point.

Therefore, I shall continue until I arrive.
That must mean that I’m going nowhere.
Fast, stuck in one place, moving quickly,
Yet, I cannot leave until after I’ve arrived.

And I cannot arrive if I have not left yet.
Wonderstruck; I’m lost in space and time.
Better than the other arguments offered;
It lets me be here and there, everywhere,

But nowhere all the time I’m here or gone.
Occupying the center, as I cling to the edge,
While moving often somewhere in-between.
Admit it, say you know exactly what I mean.

Just look for me everywhere you are going,
Though never, ever expect to run across me.
Scattered quite far and wide, atoms matter.
Think you I am as mad as Lewis’ rare hatter?

Ten and one half could sum a closer answer,
When solving all of life’s complex mysteries.
Confused and crying, as I sit in my weedy lot,
Forty-two may also be the answer, maybe not.

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

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