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That’s Why

That’s Why These days, life feels so crazy and confusing. It does not one bit of good to keep refusing. I simply cannot spend all my time snoozing. I find no answers in the books I’m perusing. I am told it’s about the winning and losing. And I think this more than a little bemusing. […]

That’s What I Think

That’s What I Think ~~~~~ God’s feet I imagine Would not fit In my backyard Nor in the town Where I live Being so large God must be clumsy Or, perhaps, allergic To us, to people Do god’s sneezes Bring storms Mayhap god trips Steps into the ocean Causing rough seas Floods and tsunamis Eating […]

The Rest

The Rest ~~~~~ Things that are lost may reappear Or never show up at all, my dear. Neither rhyme nor reason suffices. Will explain our talents and vices. Despite what doctors, shrinks say; It’s all a mystery, but you will pay. Knowledge bubbles up from below, In truth; we cannot possibly know. In the end, […]

I Sometimes Wonder

I Sometimes Wonder ~~~~~ I sometimes wonder What might have been, If things were different Than they are. It may seem a silly Exercise, a waste of time, But I have plenty Of spare moments As I sit at home, Shelter in place as best I can and sometimes wonder What might have been, If […]

Do You Surmise?

Do You Surmise? ~~~~~ I get so very few likes or comments. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I know I will sound weak if I lament; Not for satire, opinion, short or long. I realize all of my verses are not gems. I am sure that some stink up the joint, Still, I […]

Trash Night

Trash Night ~~~~~ He wondered what might last down the years, Which, if any, art, music, writing met the price? Would stout bunkers, crumbling museums hear The pain left in the ether, testament to sacrifice? Would the blood-soaked ground yield answers, Clicking geigers call random metronomic time? Would one remain, tell our wasted chance here, […]

Rules of Gravity

Rules of Gravity ~~~~~ She is as bright as all the stars. She treasures their light within Her bosom, their fires residing In her heart, soul to share their Radiance. Her sunlit brilliance So blinding that it illuminates My weak vision and my spirit In awe, gives my heart wings. I searched for her, unaware […]