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M.A.D. ~ Philip Brent Harris ~ CMTM II ~~~~~ It’s hard to know what to think. Has the world gone mad? Or is it that there are just so many people and so much news centered around this pandemic, war, murder, mayhem, disaster, mass shooters and disturbed bombers that we cannot escape for even a […]

Thoughts About Winning

~~~~~ Everyone I know likes to win, games, contests, lotteries or almost anything. Winning makes us believe the universe or the (G)god or gods we believe in have noticed us. More, not only have they noticed us, they approve. I’ve never quite grasped the concept that some supreme being, responsible for the entire universe, spared […]

What Else?

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! You. Stop. Right Now. Whatever else you are doing, besides reading these words, and I know you’re doing something else, stop. In a world where multitasking is the norm and dealing with disparate desires and duties isthe only way to survive, simply doing one thing feels foolish, wasteful. Perhaps, […]

A Roosevelt Elk faces the setting sun.

Staggering On in the Time of Covid

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ I feel like the pandemic and its aftermath have knocked the stuffing out of me, especially my creativity. Yet, I know my reaction, my response is controlled by me. Doesn’t that make it sound simple? Not only have I rarely darkened my studio door, but I also feel […]

Wondering Why

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Looking at my art, trying to decide why views don’t become purchases, I realized something. I rarely include people in my art. I’ve known this, but it somehow became more starkly real. Frankly, I think the planet might be better off without us. I don’t know if this […]


“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Trumpery is Reality” ~~~~~ I have vowed to mark this tragic date by offering my Immodest Proposal until we come to our senses regarding gun violence. Unfortunately, I may have to post this the rest of my life. Though this will appear on December 15th for […]

Thinking Allowed

People Over Politics, Country Over Capitulation, World Over Wealth! ~~~~~ Everything I’m about to tell you is true. Everything I’m about to tell you is a lie. My words will reach you after the sound of the car racing toward you, before the flying debris of the crash, the screaming, blood, pain and death. In […]

We Must Take This Time

~~~~~ We must take this time and the lesson of our current government as everything we should not do to help people of all backgrounds, races, religions or none, all genders, sexual orientations and any other difference or to advance democracy. The administration of President Trump has been a chilling wakeup call. His base and […]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, Redux

~~~~~ I originally posted a version of this before the election in 2016. It still contains links to articles and op-eds from 2016, which I felt were still on-the-mark, I have revised it to make it more relevant for the strange world we live in in 2020. Anyone who lived through the Great Depression, World […]

No Protests in Tulsa

~~~~~ I read a news story or an opinion piece, I’m not sure which, but what it said made a lot of sense. Whether you believe the current resident of 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza capable or not, the rally originally scheduled for Juneteenth and now moved to Saturday the 20th, is designed as a […]