No Protests in Tulsa

Theme and Variations ~ Philip Brent Harris


I read a news story or an opinion piece, I’m not sure which, but what it said made a lot of sense. Whether you believe the current resident of 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza capable or not, the rally originally scheduled for Juneteenth and now moved to Saturday the 20th, is designed as a tool. The rally, set in a significant and sensitive location, Tulsa and on or now near an important date for African-Americans will provide provocateurs with the time and opportunity to stir up anger and cause trouble. If there are protesters. If there are protesters, they will be met with pain, rioting, looting and blood will be spilled. The actors want to start a race war, a new civil war. Such exceptionally obvious conflict and the resulting damage will provide our lame leader with an excuse to bring in massive firepower and declare martial law.

Protest anywhere you think you can do so safely and peacefully, but not in Tulsa. Sit in or lie in, all in silence. This will confuse whoever is sent to stand guard you, many of them young and in full battle rattle. The armor will already have them on edge, and nothing should be done to push them over that edge. Remember, many of you will look like them. They have bought into the program or are programmed in the case of military responders, and protesters should provide no provocation. That’s why sit-ins or lie-ins in silence may be the best way. Masks for the novel corona virus, with the words I Can’t Breathe written across them will bring the point home.

Should orders be barked in an angry tone and flashbangs begin to explode, do your best to hold your position. Until teargas canisters fall and rubber bullets fly, and you must cut and run, offer no threat or confrontation. The more you can show that they were the aggressors and you the victims, the stronger your argument. And if there are peaceful protests everywhere and no protest of any kind in Tulsa, think of the tantrum the giant, orange toddler will throw.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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