Contemplation ~ Philip Brent Harris


What do we remember; are all our memories bad?
Do we recall racism and hatred make us feel mad?
Which are the memories which make us feel good?
Family, and friends, as we stand where we stood.

Is the evil recollected from the police or a stranger?
Even when long-past, does our life wreak of danger.
Did we live each moment; that is exceedingly rare?
No matter how daring, we found ourselves nowhere.

In this time pandemic, protest, violence and strife,
Can dark days we’ve weathered prepare us for life?
Horrified, all the evil everywhere; we shrink, hide.
Have we buried each moment we live deep inside?

We strike our days off of the calendar, one by one.
Waste bored, empty hours; hey, we’re not the one?
Do our days feel so hopeless; we pray not to care?
Do we believe we would do better if the one there?

And, do we not have the money, the time or the will,
To follow our heart and join the marches on the hill?
We feel helpless, small; we know we cannot matter,
Think those who suggest otherwise mad as the hatter.

What will we bequeath to those people who live after?
Will we bestow doom, darkness, leave a total disaster?
Will we punish all our children, leaving a cruel legacy?
Do we fail to act because we are all too weak to agree?


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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