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Can You?

Can You? ~~~~~ Life might seem like endless chores; Some say better than heavenly choirs. You would have to live on love alone, Unless endless singing helps to atone. It’s all made up, no matter your belief. Can you find solace in another’s grief? Because, if my faith right, yours is not, Such a sad […]

Near but Far from Home

Near but Far from Home ~~~~~ Out for a day, near but far from home, Where do you think this child might roam? Hither, thither and even yon, What might I chance upon? A mighty tree, With children at play, becomes a tower, Though it changes by the hour. A hidden trail beneath a massive […]

Just How It Goes

Just How It Goes ~~~~~ I’m an old white guy, I shouldn’t rap. If I even try, They’ll call it crap. But I am troubled, In every way. My stress is doubled, On every day. Terror and fright On the news, Each and every night, But not my views. Toil and strife, It creeps inside […]

Man Makes the Clothes

Man Makes the Clothes ~~~~~ Since I was small, I have so often heard it said, clothes make the man, that it’s become clichéd. Dress for success, mantra many a parent chants. Only first impression, there’s no second chance. Wise words some whiz said, logical conclusion; words with great potential to generate confusion. When imitation […]

Do Us A Favor

Do Us A Favor ~~~~~ For all the shooters out there, I have a request, whether you hail from north, south, east or west. If shooting many people jumps into your head; do us a favor, stay home, shoot yourself instead. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ […]

Coward’s Blood

Coward’s Blood ~~~~~ CRIME SCENE, DO NOT CROSS A sad, sick reminder of all our loss. A yellow streak down leaders’ backs, too cowardly, corrupt to end these attacks. Mass murders, victims, now names. Pain and anger for their families remain. Senate’s money machine oiled with blood. Let’s sweep them away in an election flash-flood. […]

Last Note

Last Note ~~~~~ More bullets shot from an automatic gun. You are sure, these must be the last ones. Yet, once more death and once more pain And, we all understand it’ll happen again. One more sad manifesto fostered by fear and, we have allowed this to happen here. Domestic terrorist murders adult or child, […]

So Little Has Changed

So Little Has Changed ~~~~~ It is time to put people over politics, country over capitulation and world over wealth. ~~~~~  (I could write and post something like this every day. It makes me sad.) Today, it was a shooting in Girlroy, CA What are the numbers, does anybody know? Does anybody care how many […]

Asked Too Soon

~~~~~ Tell me the story of the man who kissed the moon, the woman who holds up the sky. Unless, I have asked too soon, you think I might be high. Though I have spent little time in bars, I have spent far too much in cars. Still, I always knew I could not escape […]

They Might Grow Up

~~~~~ Emergency, emergency, everybody to clear the streets, The cowboys are coming, the cowboys are coming. Come on, people, get a grip, let us have our say. What we’ll put forth, here, is the American way. Guns toted openly, on a hip, hidden under arm, You know it’s only the bad folks they will harm. […]