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To Laugh and Cry

To Laugh and Cry ~~~~~ I would be the blazing lantern to guide us, when darkness comes. Not the stubby candle that melts away to nothing, to be soon gone. Nothing left, no thought, no song. I would be the compass to lead us, If I knew where we were in bright sunlight, saw the […]

Simply This

Simply This ~~~~~ Could I withstand a thousand blows, while they brought me to my knees? No matter if they’re real, metaphoric; it’s all the same, to me, if you please. It’s not my body which must survive but my spark of spirit carried within. We see people who suffer every sin, far greater than […]

By Your Choices

By Your Choices ~~~~~ I grasp my time, my life, my being, Like the blind men and the elephant. What I perceive not what I’m seeing. It may be my fire’s just on my pants. Chasing after truth by concocting lies, Mystic brews that obscure and reveal. All my victories, failures and my tries, Perchance […]

No Matter How Long

No Matter How Long ~~~~~ If tou finally own your creation, you suspect life knows. Path ahead should be clear, no-one stepping on your toes. Not life, it does not work that way, a game of yes and no; Life sometimes tells you stop and sometimes tells you go. A game, a carnival ride, a […]

I Will Wait

I Will Wait ~~~~~ I sense I am on the verge, terra incognito. Vast, unlimited potential, possibility, still unknown, glowing, the aura of discovery. How may I explain without sounding as if I am lavishing on myself undue praise, or my mind has slipped; I’ve become a fool? In writing, painting, creating, manifesting mastery; not […]

On a Bus to Nowhere

On a Bus to Nowhere ~~~~~ As we are all and all are us, if we rise or fall. why make a fuss? Eating daily is nice Clothing, shelter, too. Haves and have-nots but at what price, selfish, greedy people jump the queue? How do the rest of us, who far outnumber those we grant […]

Always a Surprise

Always a Surprise ~~~~~ When will we learn to recognize our face in every face we meet? Why must it be always a surprise, each time a new person we meet? Not kin, yet, the question is true. Merely cloudy reflections, shards, that may show worst, best of you. See, hear, learn the truth of […]